Hi, my name is Dirk Voss. I am 47 years old and I am a former ice hockey player, in the junior leagues in Köln and also in the first team, more than 3 years ago. I also gained experience playing in the upper league, the second league, first league and at age 35 I stopped playing ice hockey regularly as a sport and just made it a hobby. I was invited today by Andi Trautner here to Top Point in Fürstenfeldbruck to test this ice rink, or Glice rink so to speak and I must honestly say that I am very enthused after overcoming some initial difficulties. You would think: “Exactly this PVC material could be very difficult to use for ice hockey.” I have also had years of experience with PVC materials, but I came to the conclusion that this has a very high quality standard and that it really is an adequate tool for summer training and preparation. I must say.

Glice® premium synthetic ice review: Interview with former ice hockey goalie pro Dirk Voss
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