Hey Canadiens fans, I’m about to answer some of your questions on Instagram so if you have any, throw them out there. Hey Preems [Cayden Primeau], it’s kind of
an obvious question here, but I think we all know you’re the real teddy bear. Yeah, I try to keep my tape job pretty simple. Always black tape, and I always try to go heel-to-toe, but I don’t go the whole length to the blade. It’s pretty simple to be honest. Yeah, I think I can speak for Cole [Caufield] here, but we’re both pretty excited for the chance to represent the USA at the World Juniors. It’s obviously a really popular tournament, so I think we’re both really excited about the opportunity. Growing up, I mean, I tried to watch as much hockey as possible. I was a big Bruins fan, but the Red Wings really stuck out as a team. I’d say Nick Lidstrom was a player I admired, just for his steadiness. I usually try to keep it pretty light before games. At school we have pregame meals so I just try to stick to chicken and maybe some rice and veggies. Usually pretty well-balanced. Yeah, I have a few superstitions that I try to do every game. I usually loosen up with some soccer, then we go through our stretches. I get dressed the same way. I try to visualize for a little bit. There’s a bunch of stuff that goes into it.

Habs prospect Jordan Harris answers fan questions
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