It’s a competition
within a competition. Not only are teams battling it out
at the secondary school rugby league nationals in Auckland, but they’re also going head to head
for haka supremacy. Manawa Wright has more. It’s the National Secondary Schools
Rugby League Tournament. Papakura faced off against
Mt Albert College. It’s a haka comp
in a league tournament. For some, winning the haka trophy
is a huge honour. Here’s the team that took home
the haka trophy last year. A lot of teams are doing the haka. I think the best group comes from Rotorua Boys High School. There was even a haka that incorporated the languages
of five different Pacific cultures. Does this motivate Tokoroa to bring a haka
at next year’s tournament? Definitely! In fact, we’ll do one tonight
at prize giving. We’ll find out tonight who the winning team
for the haka section is this year. Manawa Wright, Te Karere.

Haka competition in rugby league tournament

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