Sports commentator Tumamao Harawira
joins us live to offer his unique insights
into the world of sport. Tu let’s talk about
Te Kura Aerengamate, not only is she
an outstanding footballer, but she also carries the Maori
cultural component strongly as the kaitataki of the Black Ferns? It’s there. The All Blacks for a long time have talked about the benefits
of performing the haka, ĹKa Mate’. And so that tradition has over time become a part
of what the women’s team do, especially with how fierce
the kaitataki leads. That’s something
that’s appreciated by us Maori. The leading male or female
are recognisable icons and they are the ones who take their
team to 11 with their prowess. So keeping it short,
will the win or lose? They will win,
damn straight they will. Damn straight it is! Now to the 2nd match
of tomorrow’s doubleheader – Sevu Reece’s still pinching himself as he prepares to start
his first Bledisloe Cup test. The one test All Black winger
was a relaxed figure today cooking sausages
on Auckland’s waterfront. All Blacks and Black Ferns
mingled with fans ahead of tomorrow night’s
trans-Tasman doubleheader. Despite a standout year
with the Crusaders, Reece says he still can’t believe
he’s starting against the Wallabies. On the other wing is another rookie, George Bridge
who’s only played 4 tests. Tumamao – one of the casualties
of those young wingers being called up is Rieko Ioane. What’s your read of Rieko’s axing
from this test line-up – is his place in the RWC squad
in jeopardy? He doesn’t need to be
that worried about it. He’s still one
of the best wingers in the world. However, the worry that he has should be carried by everyone
on the team. Ioane isn’t the problem alone. There were problems coming
from the forwards. They, the All Blacks coaching team,
haven’t gotten it quite right yet. Who is on the A-team? Who will fill in
the various positions? And other details. So it’s early days yet? So his issue is the fact
that his problems were a part of the mix of issues that plagued the team
at the same time. What do you predict
with the All Blacks? Well…I hope they win? You’re giggling? Well it sums up how the All Blacks
have been this season! Well, most of New Zealand
is worried. They haven’t had this uneasy feeling about the team
for more than 20 years. My brain says we will win. There you have it,
Tumamao says we will WIN! And so I’m on board with that.

Hākinakina: Rugby with Tumamao
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