Hi guys welcome to this week’s My Halifax. My
name is Adam Cooper. If you’re new to our channel we make videos all about the fun and cool
things you can do in and around Halifax this week Scotiabank invited us down
The Mooseheads are playing the opening game of the season and we’re gonna check it out and share it with you guys. Let’s go! So we’re up in one of the skyboxes we’re with some other creators as well We’ve got a great view of the ice which I’m really excited about. And they’ve got a new HD scoreboard which kinda looks like a hologram it’s really cool
every time I’ve come here because I wear glasses my eyes aren’t great. The scoreboard is what I live for so seeing it so big and bright I’m just like I’m all about that. So this is actually my first time at the opening night so it was really cool to see them bring out all the staff and the players and introduce them to the audience because it’s a brand new team which is awesome to see first game so far PEI is up 2 goals but we’re going to ignore that because we’re having the best time the scoreboard is awesome like I know it sounds stupid but my visions not that great so being able to watch it in HD is awesome now we’re going to eat some pizza and watch the timbits play the second period is over the Mooseheads have got a goal back which the player who scored I can’t remember his name but it was his first ever goal in the junior leagues which I thought what a cool night to be opening game in your home city and score you’re first ever goal So the game is over unfortunately The Mooseheads lost but it is the first night playing together so
they’re gonna grow and improve as a team I mean it’s hard to follow when you’re following like the more runners up but it was a lot of fun we had a great night and it was a great way to spend a Friday night So that’s the end of this week’s My Halifax thank you so much to the Scotiabank Centre for inviting us down we had the best time and the new clock board is amazing so make sure you come and check out any Mooseheads game or any events they have here at the ScotiaBank Centre and if there’s anywhere you think we should make a video please let us know in the comments below. Don’t forget to like comment and subscribe to our YouTube channel and we’ll see you next week. Hi guys welcome to this week’s My Halifax if you’re new to our Youtube channel we make videos all about the
fun and cool things you can do in and around Halifax…… The Scotiabank Centre have invited us down…. sorry I forgot what I was going to say thank you for making it all the way to the end of this week’s video make sure you hit the big round subscribe button so you never miss one of our cool videos follow us on all our social media linked below and there’s a couple
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Halifax Mooseheads Opening Night 2019
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