“Rollin’ ” So… apologies for the video. My GoPro was on the wrong setting. Hence everything looks sped up… and the picture is cropped… so you don’t get to see much of this beautiful Sport 2C. But I thought I’d share
the flight anyway. A layer of turbulent air here… no problem on this glider! The directional stability gives
the feeling of flying “on rails” which is very nice while under tow. This stability feels even more
pronounced than on the Sport 2… though I only took one flight. Off tow, controls feel a bit
stiffer than the Sport 2… typical of my experience with mylar sails. But it’s still a spry glider. Look at that sail flatten. Full VG feels about the same as a Sport 2. Not enough altitude to really play. I spy prey below… Argh! Cross-controlling again! Oops! Hard to see those black downtubes ;^) I swear this glider has air-brakes. Easiest. Flare. Ever. Limited impressions… Overall, it feels very much
like the Sport 2… but with slightly stiffer handling. The directional stability is
fantastic for towing. I suspect it’s great for
thermalling as well. And landing it is a breeze. Did I mention what a good-
looking glider it is?

Hang Gliding – Wills Wing Sport 2C 155 Test Flight
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One thought on “Hang Gliding – Wills Wing Sport 2C 155 Test Flight

  • April 3, 2017 at 9:46 pm

    So cool, some subtitles are to fast. little underexposed but i think that is a go pro thing that can not be customized. Very cool video thou.


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