If someone were to hit you how would you protect yourself? My job as a coach is to prepare them for the worse Hi my name is Eugene I’m one of the national team players I pay defense and I work as a full-time coach for the youth as well When I first started skating, I took about 2-3 years just public skating Almost everyday It’s like, okay, every time I come here I want to work on certain skills so that I improve I started playing with the National team back in 2008 And that was the first time we went for Challenge Cup Asia in Hong Kong Silver, we finish silver It was like a dream come true for me When I actually got to play for the national team When you actually receive your own team Malaysia jersey With your name Your number It’s just – I really don’t know how to describe it It’s one of the best moments in my hockey experience that I’ve actually encountered It’s a wonderful news that we actually have ice hockey Now, in SEA games I think that’s a big achievement Not only for me, but for the hockey community in Malaysia And we also hope the hockey community in Malaysia will expand with the SEA games coming up [“Malaysia!”] I would love to pass this sport on to the younger generation And hopefully they will pick up the same passion as I have, or maybe more And continue this legacy of hockey That’s what I would want them to do That is why I’m also coaching kids In general You know, if you talk about soccer, field hockey, badminton Everyone knows, right? Not many know there’s ice hockey in Malaysia The hockey culture only sort of stays in the hockey community This is where my job as a coach The Federation’s job, The International Federal’s jobs They’re assisting us in this country to spread the message out you know there is hockey It’s slow, but surely by time – hopefully, grow the sport bigger and bigger Every time I step on the ice, I actually feel… very chill, very relaxed and I don’t think about other stress This is like, To me, this is like my temple This is my zen area Where I can leave all these problems outside I come here and I just focus on playing hockey That’s me

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