My week is always quite busy. There’s not much time to myself because of the training with Hartpury and Gloucester, and I have to fit matches around that. Hartpury is usually done early on in the morning to get
the training out of the way because lectures don’t really start until about
10. The level of coaching they’ve got here is of good quality. Both of the coaches are former professionals, so the level of training is good. The facilities here are incredible. It’s all about trying to get
quick, fast rugby. The emphasis is on being dynamic. Off-loads, quick play, getting it away from rooks, nice and
quick. Hartpury is definitely a place to come if you want to excel in sport. All of our training is done at about the same time so we’re always on a tight schedule. Our lectures are always in the afternoon so training is always out of the way in the morning. I’m in a marketing lecture. A lot of lecturers have industry experience which helps in the lectures. They all have a sports feel
to them. It’s a business-related topic though that focusses on
sports businesses I think it helps us to engage more in the lectures because it’s what we’re interested in. Any
gym and conditioning sessions fit around our lectures. The gym is almost always open with the conditioner on hand. As you can see, we’re in
the power gym at the moment. This is where a lot of the rugby specific
training happens. We’ve also got a cardiovascular gym upstairs and we’ve
also got the performance gym which is up top. I’ve had an ACL injury, which
was a couple of years ago now. Luckily I had a very good physio on hand to get me back to training. At the moment, we are doing a lot of work to get my glutes active because that keeps your knees straight which hopefully will prevent that injury from occurring again. Good quality control. Good. It’s working on helping my ankle whilst I work my rugby skills as well. I’ve just been training with Gloucester academy. We have an hour weight session then we have 40 minutes to an hour of skills with a bit of speed tied in. How closely everything is tied in with lectures and with training, so for instance, some days I can go up to lectures and come back down. If I were elsewhere, if it wasn’t on the same campus as my uni, things would be a lot more difficult, so it’s very beneficial. It’s national. You’ve got premiership, championship, nat one, nat two. If you come to play rugby, it’s a good place to be. Our captain was playing in premiership last year, we’ve got a prop who was with Bristol, a full-back who was with Bristol. There’s a few lads involved in the setup with Gloucester academy as well. Hopefully the perfect mixture of
experience and young talent is coming through. If you want to be the best, you’ve got
to train against the best, play against the best. So you can be a superstar but you go through a lower league team and you’ll be carving up every Saturday but you won’t improve as a player. You need to
really push your skill sets if you ever want to improve. And coming to a place like Hartpury, you’ll get a good education but you can also combine it with top level sport.

Hartpury Elite Rugby: A Day in the Life
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