U of T has almost 80 thousand students, being
able to congregate a large body of people I think it’s an amazing thing. School spirit
is very big at U of T as well and to be able to celebrate that and celebrate other peoples
success and achievements is an incredible feeling. I think this year is the year that we prove
some people wrong I think having a Second year under coach Kirkwood
will be really beneficial for our team I think he’s done a really great job at changing
the culture of our program What we tried to aim to do was that whether
you’re a first year, a third year, or a second year It doesn’t matter, everyone
has a say. It doesn’t matter where you come from, how much rugby you played before, how
skillful you are, everyone is treated very equally This year we’ve had the most numbers turning
out to training camp then we’ve ever had, so there’s a lot of numbers, a lot of interest.
There’s a lot of commitment even in the early days I think we’re looking forward to a lot of
potential from new athletes. We’ve had a fantastic turn out at training camp and a
lot of development. This could just be a fantastic year for us When I came in last year I think the first
big change that we wanted to make was changing the culture around the team. We just wanted
to make sure that guys knew that they had an environment where they’re going to develop
as players, enjoy themselves and their student athlete experience, and have a team that can
be there to support them throughout the year Rugby is a really easy way to find yourself
a community, wherever you go you can join a team and you’ve got 15 friends off the
bat We have all the pieces together right now
with a lot of guys, and a lot more depth than we normally have, and just fantastic coaching
coming into this I came to U of T’s rugby program because
it was an awesome opportunity as a coach to be able to come into a program that hasn’t
had as much success as it would like, and having the opportunity to try to grow it from
the bottom up is probably every coaches dream I think the biggest thing for us is we’ve
got all the skills, we’ve got all the structure, we just need to work on our execution. That’s
the biggest part, you know, we train really hard in the gym and on the pitch, and now
I think it’s time to just put that on the field.

Here’s how the U of T Men’s Rugby Team is Preparing for the Season
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