are neither keeper has faced one directly
carried inside Leonard out tries that one a toe save right on cue as the Nacinovich was able to kick that one away finally finds Barilla on the little outlet
gets spun around now will sweep it ahead and looking off the left edge of the
circle fed middle on it goes won it by Pierce the quick shot kicked away rebound
score little anxious but they may have gotten a look as to what the Valients plan to do comes middle to Boot once again Boot looking stick handles by one in the back
hand sweeps it in front kicked away by DeVito on the shot back over to Thomas
Thomas carries down left out in front off a stick swept off the line rebound
still free and finally forced over the endline fed across waiting for
Pierce she’ll wind up and fire deflected rebound still free and knocked off the
line toward the sideline I believe by Casillas it’s up on this one they have
numbers Boot into the circle over left-hand side wide up the big shot
again done so it jumps up on Wodka Craig at the side of the circle Wodka comes up
with it again tries the backhand onto Craig keepers out and score Sophie Craig
just calmly finds the loose ball and backhands it by Zoe Fillebrown with 10:53
to go here in the fourth the Herons get the insurance goal Boot they’re tanking
with numbers Boot into the circle coming along with King feeds over to King
diving stop but score backing up with it is Pierce out it front looking for Honey
it’s deflected away Honey still trying to get back after it kicked loose again
now poked in its score I believe that’s going to be Mackenzie Wodka’s first
collegiate goal with 3:45 to go here in the fourth quarter
the Herons have their two goal lead back

HERON HIGHLIGHTS: Field Hockey beats Manhattanville
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