that typically is something she’s so
good at is knowing what she’s gonna be able to do that day Wood though with
the driving did you always would just drilling that we didn’t even have time
to set you up for the penalty corner wood trying to get her own rebound here
she’s out wide on that opposite side that were used to seeing her carrying it
along the line with her backhand she sneaks in and that’s gonna go in off the
stick of Battaglia who’s able to tip it in off the line Adair waiting to push
she’s gonna send this one to wood on the far side wood looking across a Frary
ferry with it drills it finds the back of the cage ice I dare going for the
push again she sends this one out to Pete Russo wood to ferry
ferry give and go to wood wood on her backhand finds the bat tip and she ends
up on the leg there she’s uh she’s gonna count you

HERON HIGHLIGHTS: Field Hockey defuses Bombers
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