yes its going to go left this time wind-up a big shot
and score A blast at the left hand side the 25:30
to go in the first half Lebanon Valley takes our second penalty corner turn it into a
goal. Free hit just outside the circle left side played it back in behind its
swept inside the circle it’s off a leg Puts away the reciever and she cranked a shot and she scored Herons find an immediate answer and guess who Sophie Craig her 6th goal in three games 30 seconds after the Dutchmen take the lead and the herons strike back. Right at the top of the circle
it comes middle stink hammer gives off right at side Simon’s got good room she’s
gonna fire toward goal and score Cat’s got her second as she was out in front got the stick on it 26:48 to play or the second and Lebanon
Valley back on top. Safely already aside Petruzzo comes up on the play into
the circle spits it back out in front one touch turn around Leonard ball free and its a score! Roycroft is there for her first Heron Goal at exactly 19:00 to go leading again at 2 Craig comes over drops it back in Craig stays with it Craigs the center score second today for Sophie Craig with 12:17
to go and the Herons have their first lead 3 to 2. Hasn’t call the timeout yet
goes over to Cat, Cat’s got it again wide-open blast one more blocked right out front rebound with Deveto sprawling and the whistle at ten…

HERON HIGHLIGHTS: Field Hockey rallies past Lebanon Valley
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