welcome to high school sports on the
Harford cable network I’m Don Morrison today we’re at Patterson mill High
School it’s the Patterson mill Huskies welcoming well Harford tech Cobras in a
Chesapeake Division field hockey contest Jon Esposito coach of the Hartford tech
Cobras a great year last year won the susquehanna undefeated and then
graduation and then transfer and then I move up to the Chesapeake yeah thanks a
lot nice reward for us yeah absolutely totally unexpected and we found out in
the spring oh yeah by the way we’ve moved you up after one good year so it’s
tough and of course we graduated all our our seniors and our half our starting
lineup so it’s definitely a challenge this year but you’ve got that one a
great player that you still have left and talked about her if you would we do
sophomore Emma Huddler she was the first team All County as a freshman
terrific Club players she’s one of the top hundred players and class of 2022 in
the country so she holds us together well yeah all County as a freshman that
certainly brings back memories of Gonzalez whom we’ll talk about in
a few moments a great start Patterson mill and I know you have respect for her
as well yeah I’ve known her for a few years so it’s it’s been fun watching her
progress up to the national team Jon Esposito a little different little
unusual man coaching field hockey how did that happen well I came from soccer
background of 10 12 years ago my daughter got me into hockey and I
started splitting time between soccer and field hockey and then eight nine
years ago went full-time to field hockey tell me about field hockey what is it
about the sport the game that really keeps you interested well the the thing
that I immediately noticed was that it’s very much like soccer tactically now the
technical side I had to get up to speed on but stepping in as a as a soccer
coach in the field hockey it was somewhat an easy transition
other than my first year when I kept telling her way to kick the ball but no
it’s been a fairly smooth transition and and I jumped I jumped in I’m I’m a big
big believer in coach education so I got involved very early on
the USA field hockey you know have just been progressing my way up through the
coaching ranks and your second year at Haford Tech I understand there was a
call almost out of the blue from the athletic director Emily Knowles and said
hey how’d you like to be the field hockey coach yeah it actually goes back
to to sophomore it’s a Emma Huddler I coach her in club and she came to me one
day and said we need a coach and you’re gonna get a call and somehow Here I am
good luck to you today and the rest of the season thank you very much thank you
stay right with us I’m gonna turn turn and talk to Shannon Swinscoe Shannon
you’re the only field hockey coach this team the school has ever known yes it’s
been great it’s been fun and we’ve had good years and bad years hopefully we’ll
keep building up you know last year nine and seven in that tough Chesapeake
division you like a lot of coaches a lot of graduations and of course that’s the
thing you face every year especially as a small school not having the numbers
per se yeah it definitely hits us harder with we don’t have a ton of athletes
coming out for the sport so it’s like you either get a class that’s been
playing or you might get nobody all of our pretty much most of our JV players
are new this year brand new this sport our varsity we did lose six starters and
it’s definitely hurtin but at the same time we still have a good amount of
experience on varsity we just have some people who are less experienced as well
so they’re building up and that Chesapeake Division we talked about that
being game in and came out every night you’re facing you know a really a great
team you never seem to have a buy or an easy easy mark no not at all every team
in the upper division and every team in the Chesapeake is a tough game a good
game a competitive game and honestly every team on our schedule is going to
be competitive so you played a tournament – this past weekend and then
had Fallston Monday thanks a lot right yeah that was tough tough recovery
because we only have five subs and you know our legs aren’t as fit as they need
to be right right now at this time of year we usually get more fit by October
and that’s just how it how it is how it ends up and
you know hopefully we can kind of just keep building on our fitness throughout
the season coach Swinscoe this may be the last year you’ll play on this very
good grass field because the turf field is being finished right now as we speak
maybe able here some of the equipment in the background working on it I know that
you like this field I do like this field I think I mean at first I didn’t fit it
but it’s gotten really nice over the years and they’ve taken good care of it
and it’s really flat low grass I do like turf as well so I’m not
against having that’ll be really nice to play on that and be able to practice on
it at times especially since most of our games end up on turf that are away but
the JV you’ll still get to play on this quite a bit I believe so
and we were talking before oh you’re expecting your fourth child imminently
as we say next week and so congratulations on that thank you
your first girl three boys and now a little girl to do wonderful
stay tuned it should be an excellent contest between two teams that are
looking for a victory to build for the rest of the season it’s Harford Tech
versus Patterson mill we right back with the first play in just a moment well
welcome into Patterson mill High School Don Morrison my partner Carol Barker Carol
two teams we would call rebuilding teams a team Harford tech that was in the
susquehanna last year lost a lot of starters to graduation and then lost
about six or seven kids who transferred away back to their home school that’s Harford tech now they’re coming up to the Chesapeake this year after that you
know spotless record they had in the Susquehanna faced with a rebuilding year
facing Patterson mill a team that has over the years been good but this year
truth be told they lost a lot of seniors too and so they’re starting the year at
o and three o and five if you count the tournament so what we’re gonna see
today hopefully is a game where both teams are trying to build for the future
all right it’s tough when you lose that many people off your squad they have
experience it’s just very difficult to compete you know with teams that have a
full JV program and could just fill in the ranks well coach that we’re not
looking at devoid of talent for instance Emma Huddler number one a sophomore for
Harford Tech this young lady was first all-county as a freshman in your
coaching experience did you ever have a freshman who was first-team All County I
can’t remember I don’t think so I had a couple of sophomores but not a freshman
amazing of course she’s a great club player in fact she’s the reason that
Jon Esposito was the coach at Tech she’s coaching being coached by a
suppose Ito in the club level and she says hey we need a coach at Tech how
about you know I already put your name in to the athletic director she’s gonna
be calling you Jon Esposito said a minute later the phone rings it’s Emily
Knowles on the line from Hartford Tech saying how’d you like to be the field
hockey coach and so he is the field hockey coach now in his second year he’s
got some background so that’s good the soccer man who got into a field hockey
because his daughter was a field hockey player
he’s now what they call a level two coach in the u.s. a field hockey program
which you know better than I that’s at the upper level of the coaches pedigree
in terms of in the u.s.a. field hockey yes speaking the USA field hockey
Lynnae Gonzalez who folks may remember four years ago played here at Harford I
should say at Patterson mill is on the national team and will likely be on the
US Olympic team so young lady we had the privilege of seeing play here on this
very field it’s going to be an Olympian you know in a couple of years our ice
skater and giving you eyes there and now we have a field hockey player that’s
wonderful Deirdre Magnus and Thomas Jones are the
officials and they will do a great job I told Deidre before the game that we
would be watching her closely of course I don’t know what they’re doing so you
know there’ll be no no complaints for me now she was telling me that the head guy
for the national officials association says she get it right 80% of the time
you’ve done a good job I think they’ll do better than 80 percent what I think
they probably do yeah Huskies dressed in white the home uniforms of that teal
trim I can’t think of another team that has teal in their trim except maybe the
Carolina Panthers and we won’t talk about them right now there
off to a tough start they’ll be going from right to left the across the TV screen
and the visiting Harford tech Cobras going from left to right Harford Tech
two and one coming in o and three are the Patterson mill Huskies we’re just
about to get underway again you’re watching Emma Huddler in
black number one and number two Julia Frank is a senior for Patterson
mill she’s the lady to watch here as far as Patterson mill is concerned
Carol thirty minute halves ten minute over times two of them sudden-death they
go down to seven players on the side if it comes that far yeah that really opens
up the field to Patterson mill had the misfortune of playing Fallston on Monday
after playing a tournament over the weekend with a very small squad so they
had a difficult time against Fallston losing five nothing so Shannon Swinscoe
the coach said hey you know we were glad to do it but it was tough and today
Carol they’re facing a game with two of their players two of their top players
are not here today they’re off on the visits on college visits so yet to make
matters even worse that’s Alyssa levy and Kate Lloyd the
two that are on visits two of their players don’t know what the delay is
about Carol we’ll talk about the weather it is beautiful a little bit of
a wind perhaps but that’s not gonna bother a field hockey player so field
this is a is a grass field but as far as grass fields go Carol I think you would
agree this is probably the best grass field we’ll see yeah I think so looks
very nice nice and flat closely trimmed we’re under way with the ball Patterson
mill expects sort of a feeling out process here if you will as we begin
we’ll give you the starting lineup says we get a chance to for Patterson mill up
front karlie Brent Cassidy Ward number 11
Brenda’s number 818 is Bela Glorioso Glen Tangiers Jenna changers I should
say number three and also number two Julia Franco’s a young lady talked about house keys nice nice lift kill the
Huskies play a different formation they played five up front actually two up
forwards and three sort of midfielders nice pass upfield beautiful her wings
got to get it rest of that starting lineup number four Carolyn Michaels
Caroline Michaels number four sixteen is Liz fabrini Oh Fabio excuse me Liz
Lily felts number fifteen number 19 is logan betie and the goalie is Natalie Burke 12-person mill Patterson mill that’s Nattalie Lea that Lisa it’s a lie oh yeah Thank You number 12 one is nice
interception Nattalie one of the seniors on this team
Cassidy Ward made that interception now it’s her freedom Huskies have had the
ball not in scoring position remember you have to be inside that 16 yard
circle in order to be able to hit the ball directly into the net coming out
for the Tech defense he’ll explain that if you would to the folks that aren’t
familiar with field hockey the 16 yard circle has to be struck by an offensive
player in the circle for the goal to count if it goes that’s why you if you
have sometimes you’ll see a goalie just step aside or a ball coming in because
she knows that it was hit by and it wasn’t hit by an offensive offensive
player Heather Reider the floor tech give you their starting lineup against a
stick work nice pass very lovely pass center but the ball is not there to be
able to picked up yeah tech coming out with it number 15 Lilly
Uttenreither McKenzie Reith is number 17 in the front line Emma Huddler the
young lady we talked you about number one in the midfield along with get with
Gabriella Berra deli she’s number six Paige Stanley’s number eight Natalie agardenia is number 16 the back line were real Williams number two
Maggie D’angelo that D’angelo I should say is number 11 McKinney
Locklear number 13 the goalie is Auburn Blackmon that was the stick obstruction
you hear that clack of the stick pretty much knew that’s
he called again this tech team laden with sophomores and freshmen six of the
eleven starters are either sophomores or freshman Paige Stanley a freshman oh no
it’s Emma yeah hey when you’ve got a star like Emma Huddler give it a
beautiful it was all the way through again she couldn’t let that ball go in
the net goalie yes Natalie Burke we’re talking today cuz it
was hit from outside the 16 nobody but you know what I’m not gonna stop it Carol
because if I’m a goalie I don’t know if somebody touched it or not here’s Huddler
now first team All County as a freshman last year you know what she’s not your
typical sophomore having played club level at an upper level her entire life
there was the Clank you talked about the Carrol all coming over to Patterson
mill intercepted by Tech great thing about the game of from the old days when
the whistle blew they used to stop play and get all reset now they just give the
ball to the offensive player and off they go the Huskies oh that’s a nice move down
that far side yeah that’s Cassidy Ward guy said you won the senior side get it
to the center huh that’s how you score yeah and in this game it’s if you can
play most 75% of the game on your right side you’re doing good explain that why
well because nearly gone the field now what’s this all about
I don’t know why they’re doing that is there an injury no it looks like there
is an injury down on the field and it’s a bit warm here not hot but warm so I’m
sure the young lady is trying to conserve their energy energy can’t see
that number I won’t hazard a guess on the far side looks like
one that I don’t know if it’s 11 or 1 yeah we’ll just let them let the
trainer come out and we talk about that every day it’s just so nice to have
trainers on site to be able to come out and administer to any injury I don’t
know that’s coach Jon Esposito out there with with his player just into the
game we can’t give you the time unfortunately the scoreboard here
doesn’t work because of the construction going on to the stadium field so the
electronics are not working so we’re just gonna guess on what time it is we
know we’re about what five minutes into the game perhaps five to seven not sure
how long this will be like you said we may be waiting for the trainer they have
football practice and you know lacrosse lacrosse we’re talking about that’s a
spring sport dummy track and field or a cross-country going
on so probably the trainer’s somewhere else on the premises
Patterson mill the beautiful campus this school opened back in what 2005 seems
like it was yesterday but here there’s like 14 years ago that this school has
been open Shannon Swinscoe has been the only coach that this team has ever known
in terms of the field hockey program go back to the booth booth do you want us
to take a break and see how long they’re gonna be girls are gonna pick number 11 this
number 11 for the Maggie D’Angelo you know looks like a knee or foot ankle
Maggie D’Angelo number 11 of junior Maggie gets a hand from the crowd here
it’s like she’s getting off the field but I think it looks like that left leg not
putting a lot of pressure on it at all Carol I didn’t see the incident where she
went down but somebody all the players sort of took a knee yeah I didn’t either
there’s a lot of bodies in front of the goal and we’re hoping that Maggie is
none the worse for wear right now looks like that’s a fairly significant injury
she’s certainly not putting any pressure on that left leg so we’ll be patterson
mill ball no score if you just tuned in we’re about five minutes into the game
and again I apologize that we don’t have a chance to tell you exactly how much
time is left to score keepers across the field and Carol my legs won’t let me run
across there quick plus I don’t think they like me running across the middle
of the field and I wouldn’t like it either with that hockey ball out there in the circle there’s the shot there’s a
shot blocked at the goal level and kicking it out again is the goalie
that’s Auburn Blackmon nice save there Auburn has a shutout this year among the
three games that Tech has played winning two and losing 1, 36 saves on the year
coming into this contest nice Cobras have defeated Aberdeen 10
nothing and also defeated Eastern Tech they lost to North Harford 5 nothing
nothing on Monday also on Monday they find nothing lost for Patterson Mill to
Fallston likes a cross pass unable to get the shot off and was
Caroline Michaels the junior number four looks like it’s gonna be a corner for ya
they call it a corner now it’s only ten yards away from the net so how can it be
a corner Carrol curiosity I just want to know
yeah well it’s a tradition it is tradition yep it’s a penalty corner everybody else defending team has to be
behind the 50 the girls on the offensive team has to wait till the ball is hit
and then they must show control what she did I’m a goal is scored Wow you said
number 11 is that to Cassidy Ward I believe it was that ball was just inside
the 16 yard circle and so it is a goal one nothing is our score number two I’m
told not number 11, two yeah Julia frankest the young lady we mentioned to you Thank
You Dylan our monitor we’re having a little trouble seeing it because it’s in
the Sun we’re not complaining last game we did Carrol the soccer game
at John Carroll we got a little wet you may have heard nice pass nice control
here comes Patterson mill up one nothing about ten minutes into this first half this is a Chesapeake Division game so
the winner of this you know evens their Chesapeake record at one right now
Carol it looks like Patterson mill has the advantage in
terms of control watch a lot more times than tech guys but that’s typical being
Patterson Mills to that ball go in yep it looks like the ball did go in
inadvertently it looked like the goalie may have been screened off didn’t see it
wasn’t particularly hard shot but it gets by the goalie and so just like that
it’s two nothing Patterson mill maybe our booth can tell us who go get the
ball in the net so we can tell come on help us out a bit here comes
tech now down by two nothing well you don’t want to get down by two or three
goals or points because it’s very hard to come back here yes typical field
hockey game you know maybe what 7 to 5 or something like that oh no no you’re
saying less than that well we’ve had 10 nothing games and we’ve had 5 nothing
games so if the two teams are evenly matched you’re right it could be a lot
lower score but we expected this to be a high scoring game with two inexperienced
teams usually it’s the defense Carol help me out on this that’s harder to
learn than it is the offense yes yes at last goal we just didn’t see who knocked
it in and I don’t think the goalie ever saw it I don’t think she moved at all
Carol no it was buyer and then she’s at old what’s that clanky sound meaning
that was a goal that’s a technical term Carol clanky sound yes thank you it was like blink the ball hit that she
looked around and said oh yeah there’s the ball girls have nice hit I’ve been
very impressed with both teams on their free hits they’re really doing nice job
ok I’ll talk about the scoop now that we’re seeing
girls do well that really wasn’t a scoop that was more what they call it used
what in my day was called a flick the scoop really does get above your head
but it’s very soft very you know it’s a loft but a flick is really a very
advanced skill just sort of wrist shot almost like in ice hockey sort of a flip
yeah and it does get up in the air but no not above knee height and that’s just
a plain old free hit right there drive obviously you cannot to take the stick
above your waist on the backswing yeah or front swing well the front swing
right yeah we’re not playing golf or baseball or any other sport that gives
you a full swing yeah and you have to be a right-hander to play this game I’m
amazed if you’re left-handed that’s got to be a handicap I’ve had some I had
some girls that played for me at Edgewood especially I had a couple of
left-handers and they were very good because their left hand was already
strong so you know in this sport the left hand has a lot to do with lofting
the ball and so forth but what we’re talking about is the sticks are all
right hand to sticks in other words they have to be on your right side so if
you’re a lefty you’ve got to learn to control that ball on your right side you
can’t hit and it has a flat around side and the flat side the only thing you can
touch the ball you can turn the stick around and sort of yeah I can’t do a
reverse thing it’s got to be with the flat side of the stick mm-hmm months ago
Brooks Robinson heard the great all-time great Oriole who was really left-handed
he batted right hand and threw right-handed but he was ambidextrous to
the point of his left hand was a strong hand
owl that ball hits off of a hand well the goalie is way out that ball is going
to go no it hits the corner why the goalie Natalie Burke was that far out
but they missed an opportunity their ball rolled and rolled in roll that hit
the corner and came out that could have been a goal for the tech Cobras
another penalty corner why do you think Burke was out that far Carol well I
think you know she’s been playing out there the whole whole half really watch
her she hasn’t had a whole lot of action down there that’s a good point
I hadn’t had a whole lot of action so she felt I guess she feels like I got to
get into play well not like that but oh wow nice hard shot but it’s wide and
that was a that was by Emma Huddler again the young lady that we said was the All
County player and we’re told that she has a future in this game that maybe not
quite ledee Linnea Gonzalez type future but I mean how many times do you get a
I’m sorry fans but that hurt me and I’m like twenty yards away she got hit on
the leg and on the hand nice carry good interruption there by the Cobras oh nice
nice Carol you played this game how serious are the injuries how many times
do you get bruises and scrapes really not if your team’s well coached you know
and they know how to handle their stick you can avoid a lot of it and we used to
play with shin guards and I think they probably have shin guards underneath
their socks we had them over over our socks so that helps a little bit back in
your day of course they didn’t have girls soccer which they added back in
the mid 70s and in a way that’s hurt field hockey obviously because all the
great female athletes played played field hockey pretty much let’s say you
ran cross-country now you know you’ve got sort of half and half and especially
if it’s a small school like Patterson mill where it’s a 1a school you know
it’s difficult to strong programs in the same season and field hockey Carol correct me if I’m
wrong is not this kind of sport you can pick up overnight you need some training
yep soccer is I think you’re right the
soccer yeah soccer don’t get soccer fans mad at us but I agree with you it’s much
easier for a good athlete there’s a shot knocked down a nice stop it’s a big shot
another stop by goalie in there Wow Auburn Blackmon is under duress in
the goal for the tech overs yeah and that was number two Julia Franca’s the
young lady that we spoke about who is the top player on this Patterson mill
team number two still to nothing Tara Tara Dow made that nice stop number
three for tech she made the first stop and they only made the second one here
we go still in control Cobras really have not had other than
that little rolling shot that hit the corner of the net they really haven’t
had a good offensive play here today very much they’re 2 & 1 or the Cobras
did lose one game to North Harford that was Monday after beating Aberdeen and
Eastern Tech Manchester Valley from Carroll County
and Fallston along with South Carroll those are the three losses for Patterson
Mill they come in two and three Thomas Jones makes the call and it was a
good call see he was close enough to hear me I do play up to the officials Carol good job there by the Cobras is
that number two for the Cobras let’s see that is Mariah Williams a senior
one of the few seniors on this team and one of the co-captains along with
Mackenzie Reith Mackenzie Reith I should say and Emma Huddler as a sophomore being
a co-captain you know the kind of respect that her team affords her if
you’re a sophomore and you’re a co-captain right yeah again Carol asked
you from your coaching experience you’ve never had a sophomore who was your
captain I bet well we’re gonna have that corner coming up and it’s a 10 yards
away from the goal but it is called a corner see if they work their play again
where they hit it to number two and number two shoves it to 11 that’s how
they scored one of their goals Frank is towards the numbers you’re
talking about there’s Ward carrying the ball is Ward right in front of the net
good block in there by Blackmon stalemate and the officials will give
the ball to the Cobras look at that second goal for you at halftime the one
that we didn’t see who knocked it in first two when you go over at halftime
talk to the coaches about you know pick up the ball and bring it if you don’t
understand in field hockey it’s customary for the person who scores the
goal to pick it down with the goal and bring it up to midfield and put it down
at midfield and there’s no question yeah I noticed they didn’t do that the last
game we did maybe it’s a new thing I’d say that’s Francas again carrying the
ball you can see the skill that she has as she turned that stick and Carol she
talked about that backhand play there she is frankas with the shot and Ward
was right in front of the goal to try to tip it in that would have been legal yes
again as Carol explained you have to hit the ball an offensive player has to hit
it within the sixteenth has to be touched
yep doesn’t have to be the one who takes the shot right you can deflect it in I
always told my girls no matter where they were on the field if the ball is in
your area try to get your stick on that track you know
because you might just deflect it just enough to either continue to get control
or put it in the goal cage yeah Huddler with the strong hit up the middle
beautiful they went through and she that time she did let it go you notice that
goalie in that case uh Natalie Burke said I know no one hit it if it goes in
I think she thought it was wide anyhow Dillon is here our audio engineer with a
worried look on his face she ever notice that furrowed brow that Dillon has when
things aren’t working exactly right well it’s perfect he’s just fiddling around
earning his pay I sit up the wing alley nice
interception yeah that’s the Mariah Williams again number two yeah the
right-handed side of the field offensive ly yeah again that’s because most of the
kids are right-handed you find a kid who can play on the left side you’ve got to
find remember in soccer Terry Colo used to tell me if I could just find a left
footed kicker you know to play that left wing they’re hard to find
Roger Gompers was a great pitcher for me back in the 70s and played on the state
championship 1976 Aberdeen high school team yeah the Cobras have had a lot more
action in their all offensive in theirs Williams again where she’s been a star
out there and now she and does nobody there though well yes they do yeah
carrying the ball was McKenzie Reith number 17 good defensive play that’s Lily felts
senior number 15 playing the middle defensive position for Patterson Mill moving the ball well that took
it down the field here’s Williams I am not getting that close to that young
lady when she’s about whining about the ball well they have to give her five
yards they have to give her I’m gonna give her about 20 I don’t want to say
I’m a coward but I’ve been hit by that field hockey ball Phyllis M has hit me
with it once she was mad at me yeah like to walk the stick I’m making it up
but it sounds like a good story yeah Phillison was the legendary coach at
Bel Air High School I think she’s the Commissioner of the UPback now don’t know
if that’s a timeout or that’s the end of the half you know do apologize because
we have no way of knowing since there is no clock out here they told us that the
score would come out and tap the official on the shoulder about 30
seconds but I didn’t see that happen yeah it might be a timeout it is a
timeout I’m told good job Dylan hey Dylan did we find out who scored that
second goal for Patterson Mill crickets crickets cricket that was
silence grasshopper we do know it’s to nothing it is time out here we’re
probably late in the first half I’d say maybe what five seven minutes left in
the first half yeah no humidity here today Carol so the
heat which it is kind of wonderful in the 80s but it doesn’t feel that warm no
it doesn’t yeah kind of a fall day before fall winds fall come in the 21st
of September yeah next week today is the what 18 maybe 19 see when
you’re retired sort of one day is like the next day that’s right my favorite
day of the week Sunday for many reasons but Sunday night because you Carol
remember as a teacher you were trying to get your lessons together and facing the
beginning of another week and so forth and so Sunday was always a traumatic
evening now I kind of you know watch The Late Show and yeah somebody said what
did I enjoy most about my first week of retirement I said Sunday afternoon in
the afternoon I said yeah I come home from church and turn on the TV watch
ballgame see the most difficult job any teacher has and you’ll agree with this
is a history teacher because we always had essays to grade and you know those
type things now I know my math teachers and science teachers will get all up in
arms and say that’s not true but Carol and I will agree the history teaching
was the most difficult in terms of workload that’s just not far behind
yeah yeah well okay and a lot of paper grading our favorite English teacher
Chuck Marzen and I and you Carol we’ll be having lunch together tomorrow at
Mimi’s Cafe over in Aberdeen yeah fine it’s been hi graduates made good for
herself Brenda Webber right yeah yeah class of
74 she’ll hate me for that tell me her age 74 well she was young
she was 10 years old they had moved her up quickly
you know Carol I’m so excited the Edgewood High School Hall of Fame the 9th annual
coming up October the 4th yes can’t wait always a lovely day six more great
individuals 5 alumni Joe Smits the former staff member being inducted into
the Hall of Fame well here we go we’re back under way again two nothing the
scores you see the Tech Cobras down those two scores both coming early in
the first half it’s been kind of even since that point you should have
probably had that one goal that came out fast off the cage somebody should have
been there to put that in yeah yeah and but for the bounce of the ball he could
have gone in – yeah – one Patterson will on the attack coming down that right
side of the of the field care what the field 100 yards long yes goal goal line
to goal line if we’re on the football field I’ve never measured the net to see
how wide it is do you know I’m not sure 40 no I meant the net itself is it 12 12
feet mm-hmm the height really doesn’t matter that much unlike soccer where you
get a lot of upper right corner shots normally the ball stays pretty low to at
least knee and thigh there was Huddler with that great great forward shot
number one okay Natalie doesn’t mind if you say it twice okay natalies is
a midfielder a senior missed opportunity there for the Huskies 12
fighting out number 12 gets control for Patterson mill and that’s Natalie I
think yeah here comes Mariah Ryan Williams I love the name – maybe it’ll
heal the wind through our field mics just a pleasant wind you know it doesn’t
bother us at all now keeps us nice and cool and in field hockey it really isn’t
that much of a factor unless you’re running into the wind of course it could
get a little tough nice teamwork nice pass Patterson mill
girl needs to get it to the right now she did she needs to get that ball over
here to her right wing haven’t been able to do it with consistency yet here’s a
shot oh nice a nice save yeah that’s all Auburn blackmon blackmon nice day think I
culture all Brie I mean Auburn and Blackmon or of the season oh no not all them excuse me we have
spring winter fall and a new season I’ll Auburn it should be because if
you think about it the leaves turn into Auburn don’t you think yeah here’s
hoping boy what a great she just sort of winds up and hits the ball from you know
almost wrist only coming down the middle nice job Julia Frankas
you’ve scored the first goal she really does
we were told by coach Swinscoe that if there is a star on her team that would
be that would be the young lady let’s see if they worked or their little
past play again I’ve been impressed with a play of number eight page Stanley for
Harford Tech you’ll see her number a coming to the picture just a freshman oh okay one of the things that if your
uh that was a missed opportunity there too if you’re Harford Tech you get a lot
of transfers out you don’t get a whole lot of transfers in those kids who start
starting the ninth grade and their program of study
sometimes they for whatever reason decide well it’s not for me I want to go
back to my home area so you tend to lose you know some of your players they
seldom do you get people transferring in as you know juniors because you can’t it
would be very difficult to transfer in because you would have missed your first
two years of that program study right yeah add a challenge for the Cobras
coach Jon Esposito 13 and 5 in that first season undefeated in Susquehanna
division that’s Paige the young lady I was telling you about
Paige Stanley number 8 Natalie Gardini number 16 the freshman intercepted that
you come the Cobras I should say here come the Huskies number 3 is Gina
Tangiers out of bounds it goes got to be the last
couple of minutes here of the first hand yeah we got to be close to the end can
we apologize we have no scoreboard so we can’t give you the time exactly we can
only guess at it game started at 3:30 there had been very few stoppage as a
play except for that extended injury timeout
it’s about 406 now so that would mean would have to be close to the end of the
half to nothing Patterson mill scored early in the half Auburn Blackmon sort of slams her pads
I don’t that’s to give herself some enthusiasm as this corner comes up
notice the offensive players as soon as she strikes the ball you’ll see the
offensive players be ready here they come all in I think that went off he went off
a tech player into the goal she was trying to knock it down but instead the
ball went off the stick I don’t think they’re gonna allow it let’s see if I’m
off the stick of McKenna Locklear they’re gonna say no that is not a goal
here’s a replay you’ll be able to see what happened the ball went right off
Locklear stick and they have disallowed that would be goal much to the relief of
McKenna Locklear you could see she sort of grabbed her head it said oh my
goodness yeah I’ve scored a goal for the other
team remind me Carol of my senior year in basketball we were playing bel-air
Cecil Pennington Cecil will hate me for this but he took the ball at half-court
on a tip for bel-air and went down and scored on a beautiful left-handed layup
unfortunately he went the wrong way and scored for us Cecil Pennington Thank You
Cecil we voted him our most valuable player I bet I think he led us in
scoring that game we didn’t score a lot of points that particular game that’s
the scoop right there very high loft but very soft Carol I’ll never forget the
aegis wrote story old that game and said it may have been the worst basketball
game ever played in the history of high school basketball in Harford County
final score was 31 – 28 we had the twenty-eight and two of those points
were scored by Cecil Pennington you were looking for sure we got our
revenge the next game we defeated Havre de Grace in double overtime who was
undefeated so I often reminded Robbie Wallace who was a sports editor at the
time and eventually my boss as the news editor the Aegis just about that story he
remembered the game as again being and it was it was a very I think it said
high school basketball back about 10 years basically you never know that’s
why you play the game right exactly looking to try to get a third goal Patterson mill has dominated this
contest they’ve had the shots on goal yeah I think Cobras have had maybe one
yeah I remember one I think one I think you’re right it looks like after it
looks like it is the half now with a two to nothing score Patterson mill leading
by that two goals they scored like early in the contest and then had the
dominating spirit from the rest of the half but didn’t get the ball in the net
again we’ll take a break we’ll come back with more halftime or more action I
should say after halftime we’ll be back in just a minute We’re back with you at Patterson mill high
school it’s the Patterson Mill Huskies leading at halftime by two nothing over
the Harford Tech covers and Carol we have the goal score that first goal was
indeed scored by Julia Francas three nothing no Dillon that goal didn’t count
from the they’re telling us from the booth that it’s three nothing actually
it’s two nothing because the goal that did go in they disallowed so it is
actually two nothing right frança scored the first goal that came off to assist
Carolyn Michaels and Cassidy Ward second goal was scored by Cassidy Ward off of
Natalie’s Alaia assist first goal at 23 48 second goal kill at 23:05
so the two goals scored within a thirty some-odd second period and in no other
scoring throughout the contest yeah for the Cobras they’ve had that one
opportunity that bounced off the post or the side of the net they’ll have the
ball starting here in the second half going switched around now from right to
left the Cobras in black guess that’s appropriate huh Cobras in black you
think yeah I think so yep home standing Huskies in the white with the teal Cobras again as we said it was that was
what you were told by Carol how you can turn the stick you still have to hit it
with that flat side but you can hit it sort of backhanded ball is loose coming
out is the goalie the goal is open they can’t get a stick on it wow that was a
chance somebody on defense has to should go behind him but they can’t use their
feet hey can we stop it with her stick HeatherReider the sophomore number four
has three goals on the year that would look like was going to be her fourth
goal I think she could see that in her eyes but unable to get the conversion so
it stays two nothing here come the Huskies taking another
defensive end that’s Cassidy Ward who has a goal and an assist number 11
bringing it down the near sideline trying to kick the ball out is goalie
Auburn Blackmon yeah for Harford today she’s been busy she has so tough to play
goalie Carrol you’ll know better than I because there’s so many bodies out there
yeah I think that’s what happened on the second goal that took I don’t think she
ever saw I don’t think she did say she can’t see it she heard the Clank of the
ball this it hit the back of the of the net the scoring area looked around and
there was the ball two nothing is the score didn’t get a chance to check on
Maggie DeAngelo the junior who was injured and out early in the game number
11 we haven’t seen her back on the field now look like a an ankle or maybe knee
injury some kind of a leg injury 30 minute halves and we’re just under way
in the second half two nothing Harford Tech two and one their o and one in the
Chesapeake o and three is Patterson mill their o and one and just in the
Chesapeake quite a few senior squad they do but to Swinscoe know they’re saying
no goal they’re saying it kicked it with the foot and so that didn’t count so
that’s two goals that have gone in but haven’t counted yeah Tom Jones on the
call making it very clear saying no goal I calling Tom Jones I think he probably
prefers Thomas Jones Thomas yeah nice hit a nice little flick bringing it
down the near side that’s a Heather reider number four got it over to the
McKenzie Reith McKenzie wanted a few seniors she is the captain
along with Mariah Williams and Emma Huddler of this Harford Tech Cobra team it’s a nice interception by Emma took a
stick with her a stick of her opponent Julie Frankas lost her stick good to
see number two Frankas and number one Huddler sort of matched up once against
the other hit by Huddler yeah awful leg and she’s just a sophomore she really
doesn’t look physically like a sophomore either Carol No very strong I think it’s
a free hit coming out if I’m I don’t know Huddler we’ll put it in play I guess
they well great stick work but taken away that was was that Frankas yeah
frankas gets the better of Huddler that time al I say that for the player they
can’t say oww Carrol but I’ll say it for them al although that may have hit the
stick and then I missed it somewhere well there we go oh my stop that’s
Cassidy Ward against one goal one assist she’s played a great game stick work
strike one you get two more well no that’s baseball sorry oh that’s so
frustrating for as a coach and shove it somewhere toward the goal cage and hope
somebody else on their team gets a gets their stick on it well here comes a
corner penalty corner for Patterson mill don’t
get confused they don’t take the ball to the corner it’s just called a corner why
we don’t know somebody determined that many years ago probably in Philadelphia
area how do you know that well that’s the hotbed field hockey okay around them
the mainline schools around Philadelphia of course it was played in the British
Empire by men and still played by men in the Olympics absolutely until recently
it became a woman sport yeah a couple Olympics ago you see it played at that
high level it’s just amazing to watch there’s just a fount of knowledge Carol
you know you know stop that people don’t know well that yeah I didn’t say that
you know some might surmise that useless information yeah my trouble I’ve got
into my brain all these stats like you know like Joe DiMaggio’s 56-game hitting
streak in 1941 Ted Williams 406 in 1941 who knows that who needs to know that
how about how about that yesterday Biggio with the cycle Mike Ostrovsky and
Carl walked out from behind the Green Monster together
isn’t that amazing call the grand dad and Mike the ex Oriole who couldn’t play
for the Orioles who now has 20 home runs for the Giants yeah do I sound bitter a
little so good to see that Mike was in the Oriole system for many years seven
years I think you said and finally emerged with the Giants of having a
great season Paul had one of those tough things like
Doug desensei who succeeded Brooks Robinson at third for the Orioles he
came after Ted Williams in left field but Carl had a Triple Crown season in
1967 you know that what’s that the last Triple Crown no I think I think there’s
been one since then of course Frank at it in 66
that’s correct back-to-back Triple Crown years folks out there saying I thought
it was a hockey game going on there talking baseball
you have to excuse my partner Carol and I we are baseball junkies yes we are
Harford tech coming out with a free hit coming up thank you for bringing us back
to the game at hand – two nothing the score against email I mean see Mel excuse me –
Mills put a lot of pressure on the defense
they’re hanging in there yeah I think it just put that one goal Carol to make it a
close game picture gives you a little bit moral boost
everything think oh yeah we can score on this team there’s Frankas well she
is quick little number two not a big kid at all unlike Huddler who has size and
strength and quick for obstruction she did move in into the lane of the ball
and Carol the great thing about frankas it shows like soccer that you don’t have
to be big in this sport really is not a determining factor and aggressive oh
yeah yeah every sport I think has to have some kind of aggression yeah but
you think about basketball yeah we’re mostly you’ve got to be tall or football
you’ve got to be big you know soccer field hockey you can be any size big
small again can’t tell you the amount of time
left it’s probably about two five minutes into the second half
yeah most likely yeah it’s probably pretty close clock being kept across the
field the scorekeeper on went over at halftime Carol she said you can come
over and we’ll tell you the time yeah I said do you know how old I am coming
over here it’s like an all-day hike I said you can come over to our side
that’s right he doesn’t seem to think that was a good idea Tech trying to get
on the attack good job by Ward Cassidy Ward number 11
there’s Emma she sort of missed that one that was she I think she’d like to have
that that back him a Huddler number one in black nice nice recovery by tech whoo
that was a high stick and they put her hand up right away because that’s
dangerous play oh that’s dangerous play too
two in a row Tech ball Teatro Magna is the goalie on I should say the official
on the first side who made the call nice hit by number 13 McKenna Locklear number 15 really thank you for saying
that name Huddler well great move by Hudler left-handed he turned it around
back handed wow what a skill that is it’s hard enough to hit the ball on the
forward aside yeah again you’re not hitting it with the
curved side you’re turning the stick completely around and backhanding it
could you do that were you a good back hander no really wasn’t a skill when I
played about coaching yes a couple of girls are starting to pick it up it’s an advanced
skill and when I was at bel-air I had JV so
basically I was just trying to get him to play the game on I save with hands
that time up to make the save yeah saved it she can’t take her stick up that it
up there anyway either that was Natalie Burke who made the save for Madison mill
number two is Mariah there’s construction yeah number 18 she cut she
cut the front get a nice go so the first half Mariah was way on the
other side of the field now she sent her a camera range so we get a chance to see
this young captain of the Cobras playing at the Raiders page Stanley this the
freshman we mentioned early in the game if you’re Jon Esposito the coach for a
Harford Tech you know this is going to be like the Orioles a building year yeah
you’re gonna try to win some games you already won – you’re not saying you’re
not gonna win games but you know that you inexperienced do you gaining
experience on the attack good defensive job there at the last moment that ball
was knocked away It was Tara who’s in
the ball game number three ward trying to center it she got a little bit high
unlike a soccer having the ball at chest height it’s not really a good thing
coming across to you not coming in the circle now you want to keep that ball
rolling on the field as much as you can I think maybe that number three Tara
has come in to take the place of Maggie D’Angelo who went out with
that injury early in the first right yeah I mean both these teams are thin
enough in terms of having experienced players but we talked about Patterson
mill having two players out on college visits today obstruction Carrol yes
Thomas Jones makes that call what a play by Ward I’m impressed with her stick
ability yes and she’s been you know all over the midfield area she’s just you
know hard to get buy her Cassidy Ward who placed that Center forward position it’s
an interesting offense that Coach Swinscoe plays it’s like five forwards
three who are sort of like midfielders who come up nice nice nobody there
that’s where you want your right wing right over there on that area to
redirect that and Carol the tendency is to one a bunch up it’ll just ask a
former JV coach like there’s a magnet in there ball and everybody’s around it
it’s like the young soccer players when my boys first began it was like an
amoeba yeah you know you would have like this mass going toward the goal all in
one spread out nice play by for 18 I thought she was going to get a hold of
that corely sims for tech yeah she didn’t start the game either
she’s a freshman as well Corley Sims number 18 put them out there and you know give him some experience there’s Ward
looking – trying to get the shot off no it’s Frankas instead of Ward number two
for dangerous stick play yeah that was that was chopped that she’s the kind of
young lady that a has no quarters and gives no quarters you can see the
aggressive nature that she is Frankas well right out in front of the goal opportunity yeah when they get bunched
up like that a you can see Frankas just throwing her hands up in frustration how
did that not go in frankas diving for it doesn’t it get it
oh right off the knee ouch it was Cassidy Ward who stopped it the
hard way yeah time out on the field assistant coach Lee Swinscoe and he is
the husband in case you’re wondering of Shannon Swinscoe and those two will be
parents again next week Tuesday I’m told that’s pretty uh I’d say dedicated she
teaches all day in phys ed she’s out here what what is this a Wednesday so
we’re talking less than a week away from delivering her child three boys and now
a young girl Wow I believe she said the boys are all under 4 years of age she
teaches the coaches I was talking to Gerard Clark who is the excellent
athletic director here say hello to Jason Bellamy who spend the athletic
director since the school opened who’s now moved on and the new athletic
directors George Clark who still teaches a full load
coaches basketball boys varsity basketball and now is the athletic
director I said are you crazy and he’s also a parent too he’s got two young
kids I know no youth the Carrol it’s a great thing I’ve always said that youth
is a wonderful thing too bad it’s wasted on the young
I think what we could have do with youth Carrol yeah probably nothing yeah back
in the day hope you enjoying this to the telecast
to Harford cable network want to thank Gerard Clarke now that we mentioned his
name the athletic director for Patterson mill and Emily Knowles the athletic
director for Harford tech helping us out putting this contest together of course
coaches John Esposito for Harford Tech and Shannon Swinscoe for Patterson mill
Carol 26 years what do you think huh we have been on the air since 1994 that’s
wonderful that’s a great great service that Harford cable does for young truly
honest I want to challenge ven Scully he was on the air 60 years oh there you go
I think I think it’s I think he’s a record we’ll stay it stands yeah he was
88 and still doing play-by-play Ven Scully one of my favorite
announcers nice nice coming up the side that’s Ward
nice stop by Ward 2 frankas frankas looking for the shot shoots it all great
safe coming out is Blackmon to make that safe I like how frankas play as
a tandem they each other one behind the other for a couple years you know each
other real well and Carrol you talked about a rebuilding team but if you’re a
senior rebuilding you don’t hear about that this is your last year exactly yeah Ward number 13 McKenna Locklear almost
got that intercepted she got it on her stick but couldn’t control it
here’s Williams how the bouncing go yeah she’s another one that’s been very
impressive oh that let the ball go through is that a goal yes it is it
looks like number 14 that was a mistake the defensive team let the ball go
through 14 was able to get a stick on it 24 not 14 24 thank you
and that’s not one of the starters so let’s see yeah she’s the young lady
caroline Gebhard who was just brought up you’ll see the replay here you’ll notice
the ball was rolling in front of the goal
Gebhard was able to get a stick on it that’s what you do you see that ball put
your stick on it it was almost like slow motion there that the ball was just
lying there I think Tech thought that it was not in
play because they’d been hit by an offensive player and there was gebhart
she’s an offensive player put it in yeah make it three nothing how about that
Gephardt just brought up from the JV yeah and she’s on national TV Francas
that ball was in is that another goal yes yes it is and I think that’s
Francas looked like number two julia Francas with her second goal of the
game and like that it’s for nothing that goal scored within a 30 second period of
time sort of like the first two goals in the first half
scored within 43 seconds of one another just like that Carol it’s for nothing
yeah that’s almost insurmountable yeah but you got to play on and try to
improve your you know work on stuff yep get ready for the next game try to play
smart I’m impressed with the Patterson mill Francas and Ward in particular here’s ward what speed she has coming
down that right side meeting Mariah Williams to the ball there’s there’s a
ward centers it Blackmon is able to kick it out of there Carol is it true in the old days that
goalies had steel toe shoes yes yes they did they don’t anymore do they
I don’t think so I don’t wanna make a goalie mad I mean think about you come
out of there kickin with steel toed shoes
that’s gonna be a little intimidating yeah yeah a little high kick oh I’m
sorry what do you mean that’s a bruise on your shoulder I didn’t mean to kick
battle I oh nice nice nice Gephart 24 she has been just outstanding there
she is again Ward nice Center her teammates can’t falter she’s giving them
lots of opportunities absolutely goal cage chance that time for number three
that was Jenna Tangiers couldn’t get a stick on it turn say that hits it with that backhand
shot Frankas yeah Julia Francas she’s dynamo very quick got good ball sense
game sense I’m a couple subs coming in for Frankas with the interception great
stick work shoots the ball it’s in is it good
Frankas is injured but she has to go Frankas from just inside that 16 yard
line gets her third goal she now has the hat-trick
do they have hat tricks in field hockey I don’t know I would I guess I wouldn’t
hat-tricks in ice hockey they don’t throw squid on the field do they
I had no know I never understood that in ice hockey they threw they throw squid
octopus I never anyway first of all where do they get to squid yeah I don’t
think they have squid in Canada do they I don’t know so five nothing is our
score all Patterson mill that’s Harley Brent she came in as a sub which would
be where’d she go Cassidy Oh Cassie still in number looks like we have a
number of five in the ball game that’s Christine Kim yeah here’s ward
I don’t see Francas in the game all right in front of that I think
frankas number two is out after school yeah well you keep her in there I mean
she’s she’s proven what she could do and and you’re just risk her injury and no
I’m sure you’d like to have her to play again the next game and of course good
sportsmanship you don’t want to run the score up five nothing exactly pretty
much had the game in hand and you also want to give your second stringers some
playing time makes sense to me that’s what I’d be doing that wasn’t a real
good strong no was not Harford Tech should get that out of there
okay stick obstruction Caroline Micheals young hit the ball in that’s Ward I think she’d be my next sub
get her out of there let her yeah relax she sort of holds that team together
Carol yeah she’s like the glue they sort of play around her don’t know how much
time it must be about halfway through the second half you remind you that
we have don’t have access to the clock with all the construction going on here
at Patterson mill the scoreboard which normally operates for field hockey does
not Carol interested hear that coach Swinscoe said that she would like to
continue playing on this field rather than going to the turf field well she’s
been here now for all what to send all at 14 years thirteen years this 2019
they started in oh five right so she said they’ll probably play JV
here and maybe a varsity game or two off the side of the goal Ward fighting for
the ball you know I look at the Patterson Mill bench they only have what
four substitutes and it looks like franças sitting set to come back in
number two remember they’re down two players who are on college visits so
Alyssa Levin and Kate Lloyd nice job by Williams to come in and
disrupt it here’s ward Blackmon ball was in no nope they say it’s going to be off
the defensive player after she made the first stop second the second shot was
off the leg which is not allowed in some ways that’s a safety feature because you
don’t want to be hitting the ball with your leg slapping nice save by Blackmon
on that and Williams with the next say Carol if you’ve never had in the
audience had a chance to get one of these field hockey balls in your hand
you should do that let somebody take a shot at you you know from about 10 yards
away I don’t know why you would do that but you might gain some respect for
these young players Ward it’s a nice center again v Gabriel Beradeli who committed that foul for tech but now Tech has the ball Moriah ready
to put it in play but Mariah Williams the senior captains on the team Ward has the
ball go right through the wickets probably the only mistake I’ve seen or
make the whole game yeah Lilly felts Kristine Kim and the ball game number 5
for Patterson Mill Patterson Mill lost to Fallston Monday by 5 nothing Carol you
know what I found it’s a lot more fun to win than lose you can write that down
in the booth Dylan write that down uncle Don said it’s more fun to win than lose that one of Uncle Don’s top ten in Maxim it is
it’s it’s right there in the top of my Maxim’s right frankas nice save nice
shot and I say so you think doesn’t have any wasted motion she cranks that sucker
and lets it rely very good call Carol if a three goals is a hat-trick what is
four goals I’m sure field hockey people know that I hat tricking one we say that because
Frankas now with three goals one in the first half two here in the second half
three of the five that Patterson mill has scored there she is Francas she
could get away with that high stick because there was nobody around nice
save Blackmon Frankas was cranking up for
another shot it just skipped over her stick stops it I save I don’t think they
even knew where that was but she found it yep however Tech’s got to get a
she held on that to it too long she’s got the she came out of there she should
have immediately sent it to the right wing Lili felts number 15 with the
interception you know I think I figured out why coach Swinscoe likes playing on
this field it’s her home field she’s used to every bump and turf in Bel Air
had the best grass field when I was coaching they had a wonderful field out
there in front of the school I mean turf fields there’s never a bad hop right
here you kind of can’t say that about most of the others know and coach Emma’s
kept it that way she dared you to get on it yeah maybe that’s why she hit me with
the field hockey ball oh nice
here’s ward look in the center does so Frankas how many times have we said
ward to Frankas huh yeah I’ve got it down pat here’s word to Frankas they’ll
just record that’s only how I’m saying it
sometimes it’s frankas to Ward because you’ve got the advantage that’s what the
referee waits for you they’ll throw their hand up but they wait to see who
gets the advantage off the foul and if it is the team that’s foul they’ll blow
the whistle it’s the other team they’ll play on keeps the ball moving keeps the
game moving Ward board with the ball no Thomas Jones says hey wait a minute
that’s a little too quick team look at this – how can you do that Carol can you
bounce the ball under stable – no I want to see that I’m after the game I’m gonna
get a stick and a ball and see if you can still do it
she was dribbling the ball in the air on her stick for what we used to be able to
do that I’m not saying I can’t do you have proof of that is there film take me
at my word okay I do we came up with your nickname at the last game and I
felt bad about it because you’re such a nice person a good Christian person in a
great church person and wonderful in every way and I called you crusher Carol
or a Carol the crusher didn’t I yes it was not nice well I was because Kelly or
was at Hellen the hammer was playing for John Carroll trying to come up with
nicknames that would fit and Carol the crusher just came to my mind and I felt
bad as soon as I said it yes so here’s the question why am i
repeating it now I must try to save that I must not have felt that bad I don’t
think a little bit will they say about revenge is sweet looks like we have a
timeout – that would be an official timeout that would be the end of the
game Wow again without access to the clock we lost track of the time having
so much fun five-nothing the final score as Miss
francas scores three of those goals Julia Francas Cassidy Ward scored one and yep
Gephart scored the other Gephardt I’m sorry scored the other goal so those are
the five goals in the five nothing win for Patterson mill they go to one and
three on the year want to know in the Chesapeake meantime for Harford Tech
they drop to two and two o and two in the Chesapeake don’t go away we’ll come
back we’ll wrap up the game for you talk to some of the stars in the game when we
write back well welcome back to Patterson Mill High School where the
Patterson Mill Huskies have completed a five nothing win over Harford
Tech their first win of the season going to one and three let’s talk first of all
to tech Moriah Williams a senior on this team senior leader I know it’s no fun to
be on a team that loses but how do you keep your spirit up well I tried to keep
everyone positive because it’s not very good to like have bad energy you know
going into a game and then everyone yelling on each other that was a problem
we had last year but we’re trying to fix that
keep everyone positive I mean we can’t win them all obviously and we did move
up a division so or conference so it’ll it’s obviously tougher this year so I
knew that it was gonna be hard for us so we had to keep like just positive energy
going around that’s why I try to keep everyone know no arguing no don’t do
that you know yeah well you’re a great leader on the field and you lead by
example I really like the way you play that position talk
oh she played that left side they’re coming down on you all the time yeah it
is please let’s talk to him a Hudler in a sophomore you’re a co-captain of the
team I mean that’s really something being a sophomore in co-captain tell me
about how that happens your skill level is so great how did you become such a
good player at such a young age I started very young and I play with coach
Jon and he taught me a lot about field hockey what is there about the sport the
game that interests you that you like and it is your favorite sport my
favorite sport it’s I just like the skill level that I play at and there’s a
lot of running involved which I like a lot maybe you were all County last year
as a freshman I don’t know that I’ve heard of that ever I mean what kind of
an honor is that being a ninth grader and being old County it’s a great honor
I take a lot of pride in it because you don’t see many freshmen getting all
County it’s congratulations on your season you were a champion last year as
a freshman now you moved up the Chesapeake
it’ll be tougher but I can see you guys have some talent you’re gonna be good
before the years out I really think we have a lot of good players on our team
and very good have a great time and we’ll see you again soon
thank you I’m gonna turn here and talk to our Patterson mill the winners here
now one in three on the year Cassidy Ward and Julia Francas you guys are
sort of joined-at-the-hip almost because I’m saying it’s Ward to Frankas it’s
frankas to Ward now you’ve played together a lot
how are you such a combo we have played four years together but we’ve also been
best friends since we were in kindergarten so it definitely helps on
the field having a little bit of chemistry with everything so you sort of
know where she is without even looking to see where she is
tell me about playing with this young lady Julia Franca’ playing with Julia
it’s so it just feels so natural because she’s always she always knows where to
be and like I feel like I can always depend on her to run to a pass run to
any ball and she’s just always there for me well your stick skills are so good I
loved how you dominated the midfield let’s talk to Julia Julia we talked
about the aggressiveness that you have you threatened me I’m glad you put the
stick down tell me about being aggressive you’re a small person
relatively does that help being small I think it does I’m lower to the ground I
just get two passes get to get to ball let’s keep the communication out if I
don’t let it stop my game I can tell that you love the game of field hockey
tell me about what’s so great about it I’ve been playing for years again I
think the highlight of my playing is just being with my best friend on and
off the field I just I don’t know I’ve just been playing for so long it’s just
as what I do Patterson mill has been a very
successful program through the years winning a tournament last year this year
you’ve lost a lot of seniors you’ve got a lot of juniors and young people on the
team how’s that feel being a senior on a team that’s not expected to do really
well it just gives me more motivation to be a leader on the team make myself like
presence that somebody can come to on and off the field again and I think
that’s something that I’m taking pride in this year is leading the team on and
off the field and I think that goes towards our game in towards our play
very good thanks girls have a great time now go be with your teammates we’ll wrap
this up for you again the final score was five to nothing
you saw Julia Frankas Julia scored three goals you met cassidy ward who
scored a goal and also had an assist the other goal by Carolyn Gephard so again
thank you for tuning in our final score five nothing with the win by Patterson
mill they go to one and three they are now one and one in the Chesapeake the
losing team Harford Tech there are now two and two oh and two in the Chesapeake
again for my partner Carol Barker I’m Don Morrison thanks for tuning in hope you
enjoyed it final score Patterson Mill 5 Harford tech 0

High School Game of the Week – September 18, 2019
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