Hey guys! Mitch and Dennis here from Stick Mobility. So we got Dennis down here on the
ground, supine position. What we’re going to give you today is an active
hip flexion with internal and external rotation. So Dennis is going to work the left leg right now,
he’s going to place a short stick, or whatever stick you have size, right on
that upper thigh, 90 degrees, dorsiflexion. So you’re gonna get some core work, some pelvic floor
work here as well, because you’re coming up to that 90 degrees or higher flexion and then
he’s going to push the stick into the leg, reciprocate with the leg, so he’s pushing back.
So you’re creating this tension here, so everything’s turned on, pelvic floor, core, and hip. And then now he’s going to take it through
some active internal and external rotation. So again, you’re seeing right, instead of just
kind of going and flopping through movements, we’re doing something active here. We’ve got a purpose.
There’s tension, he’s applying tension here, it’s got that hip turned on and then seeing what he can
control through his range of motion here at his hip. So one, we’re bulletproofing hips. We’re getting
that hip flexion stronger, working on hip flexors. We’re getting some pelvic floor work,
and we’re getting some nice active mobility while we’re strengthening the connection at the hip. So when you’re actually moving on your feet,
stuff’s gonna work for you. So do things with a purpose. Nice little drill here.
Active hip flexion internal, external rotation. Have at it. Give it a shot. Let us know what you think.
Stick Mobility. Movement made better.

Hip Flexion and Rotation Hip Mobility Drill – Stick Mobility Exercises

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