>>Falling down in the play, Taylor Maruya. Zone in, Ryan Nick no. 4 turnover in front of, Girduckis, scores! Abbott Girduckis with a goal, and the Tigers lead 1-0.>>I’m trying to figure out what Ryan Nick did with the puck, he had the puck behind the net and then threw it back towards the net. I’m trying– watch, Ryan Nick, he’s throwing along the boards, right Gino? advance the puck, what is that? And now a potential breakout here for Army, shovel the head far side, quick shot and a goal. Back and forth we go, and that goal by number 18 Zach Evancho, 1-1. Opportunity, here comes Powell going in Powell, fires, big-time save. Getting the leg out was Parker Gahagen.>>That’s a highlight stop. I mean Powell just picks the puck, comes in. This is great puck handling, and he thinks he has a goal, look at that.>>Now these guys have to get back on the fence here, Darren Brady, as the numbers for Army but Mike Rotolo will not give up a rebound and then crashing into Rotolo, was Soucie.>>Students growling, look at this. If you’re going to get chippy.>>Center eyes, Brubacher. Sends it over to Norrish, who will lift it ahead. Preston in his own end, gives it off, Brubacher sending it ahead, and scores. And the Tigers are winning. Powell with the deflection in front, 2-1 RIT. Comes from the point, get the puck to the net. Good things are happening, we thought a goal like that was gonna win it. The deflected goals and puck lock, the Tigers get it, and how about that sweet genome, fantastic for RIT.

Hockey Central: RIT v ARMY 11-19-16
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  • July 6, 2017 at 11:59 am

    go army I was at that game and ARMY should have been better


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