– Hey Hockey players, Coach Garner here from hockeytraining.com. In this video, I’m gonna run you through position specific dry land training drills for forwards, defense, and for goalies. The thing is, there’s a
big difference between what’s known as GPP and SPP. GPP is your general physical preparedness, and SPP is your specific
physical preparedness. You wanna move throughout the season, throughout your periodization,
or throughout the off season, from a general fitness
perspective to a much more special and/or specific physical perspective. That’s why it’s great
for coaches out there to separate positions
from each other when doing dry land training drills or
when working out in the gym doing your speed and conditioning. General is gonna work, generally. But, after a period of
time, you’re gonna have to move to the more specific
outputs of that position. Defense has different mechanics
on the ice than forwards. Goalies are clearly very
different that forwards or D. They all have their own
specific outputs that require their own specific drills,
and we are gonna be running through those today. The first drill that
we’re gonna run through is a crossover step into forward sprint. And this one is for
the forwards out there. In this exercise you’re
gonna start laterally, cross over twice, and then
explode into a sprint. We’re doing this because forwards, and especially wingers,
very often are starting in a lateral position,
looking at their own end, and then need to explode forward
into the other teams end. In this dry land drill for
the defensemen out there, you’re gonna go into a jump
back sprint on coaches command. What this means, is that
you’re going to be standing in an athletic position and
the coach is going to determine when you jump, you hurdle hop backwards, and then land in a split squat stance, and immediately explode
forward into a sprint. We do this drill because
defensemen are so often skating backwards and then have
to immediately explode into a forward skating motion. This trains all those movement patterns. In this dry land drill
for the goalies out there, you’re gonna be doing the forward and back reactive ball toss. How it works is you’re
gonna set the cones up about 10 yards apart. Like you’re seeing here,
the coach is gonna throw the ball at the goalie
while the goalie does nonstop sprints and back
peddles around the cones, while catching the ball and returning it with opposite hands. We run through this drill
to work on goalie agility while keeping the reaction time in check. (upbeat music) The triple forward skater
bound into sprint is a dry land drill that’s excellent
for the forwards out there. What you’re gonna be doing
is you’re gonna set up, do triple forward skater bounds. So don’t just bound laterally
and stay within the same spot. I want you to jump forward and laterally in the skater bound motion,
and right after the third one, you’re gonna explode into a sprint. (upbeat music) The backward toe tap
into turnaround sprint is an excellent dry land drill
for the defensemen out there. What you’re gonna do is dribble your feet as fast as possible while going backwards for three to five yards,
and then immediately turn all the way around 180 degrees and explode into a fast sprint. (upbeat music) This goalie dry land drill
is the lateral shuffle with reactive ball toss. What you’re gonna do, is set the cones up anywhere from five to ten
yards apart and the goalie will only shuffle when reacting
to the coaches ball throw. The coach is going to
throw the ball in front of the goalie, and it’s
the goalies job to shuffle as fast as possible, catch
the ball, and return it and only move when the
coach throws the ball. Thanks for watching our position specific dry land training drill video. If you liked that video,
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Hockey Dryland Training Drills [By Position] πŸ’
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    Love it

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    Thanks to you guys I know exactly what to do with my body but do you know how I can improve my hockey IQ

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    Thanks all vid are amazing, I 'm a not hockey player but doing this drills my skating is better.

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    Thank you very much! Very interesting and informative channel. Good luck to you

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