– Hey, hockey player. Welcome to the Youth Follow Along Lower Body Power and Strength Workout that’s gonna help you with
your speed and agility out on the ice. Get ready, start takin’ those
last deep breaths right now, ’cause we’re just about to get into it. Follow Kevin along here, first exercise is alternating split squat jumps. We’re gonna do three per side. Get as high as you can. This is all about power development here. Three per side, keep it movin’. Right after that, you’re gonna move into prisoner reverse lunges. Prisoner means hands behind the head. Reverse lunge means
you’re gonna be lunging with the leg going backwards
each and every single time. Five reps per side, keep
it goin’, keep it goin’, keep it movin’. The strengthens the
hamstrings and the glutes, which will allow you to be
more explosive out in the ice. Once you’ve finished
your five reps per side, you’re gonna be droppin’ down
and we’re gonna hit the core. Workin’ on flutter kicks. Flutter kicks, you’re gonna
want a diamond position under your lower back. Keep these movin’, we’re
gonna do 10 reps per leg. Go fast, gets lots of range
of motion with this one. Jump right back up and
get into broad jumps. Broad jumps, you’re gonna be
throwin’ yourself forward, just like Kevin’s doin’
here for six total reps. Since we’re in a smaller space,
I want you to go one way, turn around, get back the other way. Be as explosive as possible. This exercise helps out with your agility and your top speed out in the ice. Once you’ve finished all
six reps for the broad jump, we’re gonna move into prisoner
forward lunges this time. So now we’re steppin’
forward every single time, alternating our legs,
keepin’ our posture up. Keepin’ our hands behind our head and doin’ five reps per side on the lunge. Attackin’ that lower body
’cause it’s very important for your speed, agility, but
it’s also your foundation to be strong on the puck out on the ice. When you can’t be knocked off the puck, that’s all about lower body strength. Gettin’ down for the last
exercise of this circuit is the plank with elbow to knee touches. 10 per side here, going back and forth, getting that cross body core strength. That’s important for any
kind of cross body movement, such as the shot, but
also your skating speed. This is all cross body oriented
and moves through the core, which is why it’s a part of
the lower body workout here. We gotta do the core at the same time. We’re gonna rest for 90
seconds, get some water, take some deep breaths and we’re
gonna get right back at it. (upbeat music) Alright, 10 seconds. Get that last drink of water, start shakin’ things
out, start gettin’ ready. We’re doin’ those
alternating split squat jumps in five, four, three, two, one, let’s go. Three per side, high as you can. Stay powerful, this is
for that explosive speed and your acceleration out in the ice. Three per side, get right
into prisoner reverse lunges. Now we’ve got the techniques, now we can be movin’ and groovin’ here. We’re doin’ five per side here nonstop. No rest, this is for speed,
but it’s also for conditioning. That’s why it’s in a circuit fashion. We don’t wanna be stopping,
we wanna keep movin’ and the next exercise we’re gonna get into is the flutter kick. Right down to the ground
once you’re done your lunges, 10 per side, lots of range of motion, keepin’ the core nice and
tight the entire time. We wanna trash that core as much as we can to become a better hockey player. Right back up, broad jumps. Broad jumps, let’s go Kevin. Let’s go, far as you can. Nice, get six total broad jumps in here. Throw your body forward. Wanna put as much effort
as possible into these to get as much power
and strength as we can out of this exercise
’cause you’re gonna see a direct correlation to improving
your on ice performance. Once you’ve done those, your right into prisoner forward lunges. Going forward loads the
quadriceps a little bit more, whereas going backwards
in the previous one loads the glutes a little bit more. This one, we’re doin’ five
reps per side nonstop. Always keepin’ a good posture. Once you’ve completed all
10 of the lunges total, you’re gonna get right
back down on the ground and do your plank with alternate
elbow to knee touching. Right now if you can’t touch
all the way, don’t worry. Just do that motion and you’re still gonna
be training the muscles that are responsible for
that cross body core strength that I was talking about previously. But if you can, definitely touch the
elbow and knee every time because that’s the full range of motion and that’s what’s gonna
get ya the most benefits from this exercise. You’re doin’ 10 per side total here. Once you’ve wrapped that up, we’re startin’ up the
rest period, all right? 90 seconds, you better be
ready for the last round. (upbeat music) All right, it’s that time
again, 10, nine, eight, seven, six, let’s go, five, four, three, two, one, split squat
jumps, last round, let’s go. Let’s go, three per
side, as high as you can. Don’t lose any power. They should just like they
did in the first round. Prisoner reverse lunge
next, five per side. Keep it movin’, this is conditioning. We’re gonna keep goin’ hard. We’re trainin’ to become
better hockey players. That doesn’t always come easy, but that’s why we’re here. We’re gonna make this thing happen. Five per side, help improve
the strength of our lower body before we jump right back
down into the flutter kicks. 10 per side here, go strong and fast. Strong and fast, one, two,
three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, awesome job. Right back up into the broad jump. Set a fast pace, let’s go, let’s go. Get six total reps here. Two, keep goin’ strong, three. Breathe, breathe, four. Five, last one, far, nice, all right. Prisoner forward lunges, right into it. Five per side, keep breathing
while you’re doing everything. Breathe throughout the entire process. Don’t forget, you wanna keep
your breath this whole time, but work hard at the exact same time. Five per side, almost there,
once you’re done this, we’re goin’ to the plank. Plank with elbow to knee touches, it’s gonna be 10 per side and this is the last
exercise of your last round. Let’s go, make these as clean as possible. You are done after this. Keep repping these out nonstop, keepin’ the core tight the whole time. This entire time, you’re
contracting, you’re contracting, you’re movin’, you’re groovin’, let’s go, keep it going, keep it going. 10 per side, it’s a tough finish, but you’re a tough hockey player. We’re gonna get it done
and that is a wrap. Great, great work today. Thanks for watchin’ our
Youth Follow Along Workout. If you like that video,
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Hockey Follow Along Workout ๐Ÿ’ [All Ages!]

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    Hi I was doing box jumps in my basement and I kept smashing my head in the ceiling, the cieling is 6 feet in the basement and I'm 6foot and jumping higher then that, I could not figure out how to do the jumps without smashing my head.

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    Love it for my boys, keep it going. How often should we be doing this for youth players under 12?

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    Love that kind of video! Especially workout using only your body and the gravity, no dumbells or whatsoever!!!

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