Ferris State Bulldog hockey the Bulldogs
taking on the Bowling Green State Falcons number 12 in the country after a
3-3 tie in last night’s game Falcons get the extra point by virtue of
a Taylor Schneider shootout goal time to go to the ice for the net binding
matchup here tonight between the Falcons and the Bulldogs down to our left
Bowling Green’s net will be defended by 31 Erik Dop. Dop with a .959 save
percentage has been real good nearly going to this season has just a 1-1-1
Record who has had some bad luck in the early going but has been phenomenal for
these Falcons to our right brownie Salman Kangas but a nice relief
appearance appearance last night made 22 saves on 23 shots last night
unofficially if you include the three on three overtime saved that he made which
do not go down to count to NC double-a stats but he was very sharp in his
relief appearance of Justin Capital master last night to get it up the
boards to went comes back to Norris Norris back can’t pass to Zach gbd4
Kalin in the corner from Macan back to Nate Cal they try to pass it quickly and
move the box Kalin waits into the corner it’s up in
the air off a deflection into the corner now for went went plays it to his fellow
freshman cooper zach sack walks backwards across the blue line gave it
to Kalin in the corner for Mac and Mac a turn in front off escape back to the
near point Zach kept it in exactly cross the zone for Mac and try to drag move
Mac it’s got it back shoots and scores Oh Cory Megan with a bomb and the power
play fired and we have a bulldog lead one to
nothing with 1221 to go here in the first period what a pass from Cooper’s
deck the top of the left side of the zone machan made an unbelievable drag
boom in a ton of traffic the Falcon actually defended that pretty well but
back and just made one too many move bottom on the right wing circle and went
cross cage over the blocker on Erik top and the dogs have the lead dropped it
back this will stay in Lukas crags exit Craig shoots and scores
Lucas crags and I think that stayed in the zone Cruz didn’t even pick up his
feet and won the race that kid has got a lot of wheels turned in front Johnson
scores it hits almond kangas in the skate as he came off his post and it is
2-1 Falcons kill to get it to the near side gave it to Callen now comes to
Mackin Mack him turns in front of his own Cade and he’ll carry out Mac it
loose puck deke over the blue line now Mac and left wait circle thought about
the shot now he’ll work into the middle Mackinaw lone backhand chance save
rebound Lucy scores Corey buckets got it second it pumped up in the air over Erik
and the dogs tie it at two snake-bitten last night but tonight not so he’s got a
two-goal game machan cut to the middle and nobody
could keep up with the captain look at the play on the backhand here left-wing
circle gets the shot away on the backhand top save to juggle it never
hung on to it Mac and popped it out of his club up over his head and in
unbelievable play by the Bulldog captain comes up top Tackett nearside rutkowski
Rutkowski to Clark again Clark glides through traffic scores vitamin tipped in
front Lucas spinner wasn’t doorstep in Ferris State with a
power-play goal leaves it three to toe with 1851 to play it will be Lucas
spinners goal his second in his many nights standing right in that spot
Clarke wire the shot through traffic and fitter got a chunk of it Erick top never
got caught it laughter the deflection frags has up top turned another shot of
goal save rebound looked in front they score Brandon Cruz put it under a
sliding Salman kangas who was coming left to right we are tied again
it’s 17 21 to go in the third period rah Howser out to the far side
Farber pokes it by Zach here’s a rush for Barbara Barbara’s in scores and
Bowling Green wins this one and overtime Ferris State a strong effort tonight
goes for not 25 seconds into overtime the Falcons win it

Hockey Highlights vs. Bowling Green 12-8-18
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