Scott this is a huge game for Ferris
State they can move as high as six through the victory here tonight
it’s winning here and six at this point for Ferris Dave the Lakers they have to
lay everything on the line a win and they have to hope for Alaska Anchorage
to win so a win for them doesn’t guarantee a thing but all they can do
tonight is go out there do their best here they get a win tonight and they are
still alive at least into the wee hours of the morning here in the Eastern time
zone. Elsa ger came in with speed off the bench sick the way from him by cam Clark
nice defensive play there twisting and turning it through his own legs in front
of shot there and they scored College Sackman comes in down the wall and fires
it far posted in its one-upping Lakers 507 into the contest
what a play there Kel singer was a man that did all the work on that ship that
skated it down back into the Laker head but here come the Lakers two-on-one
short-handed top for Mackin Mack and switching places humans can’t try to play it down low
comes to the point there Dana raps in front it’s poked off his step Lakers
come out to center ice on a rush to on to now lets crosses paths a pick play
there hey I’m slipping the helmet up and out
of play Darren Smith with the header what’s it into the net a 17 and a half
to go here in the second for nothing Lakers that’s using every inch of your
body to make it save their right off ya head off the top of that mask skimmed it
straight up into the net for North Norris spins at center ice waits for
some help near side the odorous got room Yoder
down the right wing wall shoots it towards you all popped up in the air in
the high slot NORs with the shots on this ride tell him to turn his body
back towards the net oh man that’s an excellent goal by
corollaries he got the empty netter roster this was far from it he got the
setting past is any of it find that off the deflection written between the bouts
and he had to turn his body and just beat Marik’s buttons on a wooden of a
shot right there that’s just left the booth he was pretty good in his color
commentary day for you Scott I might have made the wrong decision here I
should have just had him on for the whole game he was talking about storm he
was great man long shot through traffic and clothes by
Smith welcome back what a shave down the splits how he saved that I do not know
then Smith went low but then the puck went a little higher than I thought he
thought it was going to and then he’s able to snag you at the gloves look just
like that first save you made last night flash and that grubbin man that’s an
incredible stop right there right wing side working on hats workshops top fifth behind the goal the goal Darrin Smith
with a couple of big stops cop to neutral White’s recktenwald skated it
down here strike the wall working on Ruggiero break an alternative foot stop elected not to make that happen when
state the snake came in and we know he’s not the great shot on the wing like that
he Paisley good shot meds allows that rebound and cool noise able to find it
on the backside Wow and that’s a huge goal to go to one here with just the
1223 to go in this one and it comes human through neutralize bullets and
have enough guys on the ice human swine rips the shut up Jay Mike Smith being
stopped by Darren Smith he caught it in the armpit Witkowski flames it up the
class guy will run into shot blocked by the pole dodge Witkowski is a try for
the empty net mannequin glory back to Chatham Chatham in the middle
for Erickson Maloney has it and in fairness state is fit to punch a
ticket to Bowling Green next week with 1:10 to go or miss run out to the near
side for kuleana short-handed chance for the Lakers all the way down the ice gate
sure oh he’s in he shoots and scores gauge to L which the Lakers back on the
board here with 26.3 on the climb the Bulldogs will go to the WCHA playoffs
and they will move into the 65 you see any will the big four to wait on Lake
Superior State tonight in the Lakers season here they have
agley tonight’s arena in a final weekend in the regular season sweep will make
the Bulldog feels very good headed to Ohio

Hockey Highlights vs Lake Superior State 2-24-18
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