(mellow music) – To get ready for a new season, I always take my summer
training very serious. You know, I’m making sure
I’m still getting to the gym. And getting my workouts in. Get on the ice and working on my skills and my skating. – It’s a fairly long off-season, I think. The beginning of the summer
you’re trying to rest up, heal any minor bumps and bruises you have. And then once you kind of rest
up, get your bearings back, you know, you start
building back at the basics. – I mean, this year we’re finally majority upper class which we
haven’t been in a long time. So, I think that with the Big Ten, being so young we can really use that, our experience to our advantage and we’ll be able to win those games. (hockey pucks clacking) – Yeah, I think we got
great chemistry this year. The three freshmen have been awesome. They fit right in, in the summer. We got them acclimated pretty quick. And the older guys have
really helped them, helped them fit in. They look great out here,
and I think three of them are gonna really help us and
have an impact on our team. (puck clanging post) – Everything we do is with a purpose. You know, everything’s hockey-specific. And you know, we build into it so that we’re all feeling really good when the season comes around. So I mean, every single guy in that room has put in so much work and
so much effort this year. It’ll be worth it in the long run because we know we’re gonna be one of the most conditioned teams, and the strongest, and the most in shape. And that’s when we’re gonna be able to take advantage of teams. – [Player] Yeah, this time of year, the competition’s always high. Guys playing for positions in the lineup. I think that this year, especially, you know, it’s definitely
making everyone better on the team, no matter what
spot you are in the lineup. I think everyone’s valuing the competition and it’s making everyone
better, no matter, no matter where you are. And I think it’s gonna help us as a whole. (players swishing) – Our goals as a team
this year, obviously, win a national championship. Big 10 championship, all that. But, I think as a team, we’re just focused on getting better, every
day, day-in and day-out. And, you know, being the
best possible team we can be. First, you know, it’s gonna be, start off in the Big
Ten our non-conference. Extremely well, and then moving on to Great Lakes Invitational. Having a great showing there. It’s been a long time, if you look up at the banners here since they won that. So, I think you know,
especially for the senior class that’s really something that
we wanted to be a part of and be able to do, but if
you look at our schedule every single team that we play,
minus a couple, is ranked. So, you know if we start
winning a lot of hockey games here, to well then we’re
gonna find ourselves as national contenders, and you know its a spot
that we want to be in. So, that’s extremely
exciting, and you know we’re looking forward to really
surprising a lot of people and you know, kinda
being the underdogs here. (hockey pucks clacking) – Yeah, coach’s messages
to us this season is, has been to make sure that we play, play the way that we know how to play, and when we stick to the
things that make us great, we’re a really successful team and that’s playing the
right way, 200 feet, and putting together a full 60 minutes. You know, we know that
there’s a lot of people doubting us this year and we’re kind of blocking out the noise and just control what we can control and that’s the way we play. (jazz music) – Once last year ended, once
the playoffs ended for us took a week and kind of reformulated, and kind of got ready and really that’s, this season started about a
week after last years ended. And that was for the
coaches and the players. And the guys, they had a great Spring. We got to work a lot
on the ice with skills and some concepts that
we wanted to get across. We had a great Spring and
Summer in the weight room. Coach (mumbles) did a great job. Hockey’s a fast game and everything’s, everything’s based
around speed and power., and that’s kinda the way
we set up our off-season. We implemented some new things,
just kinda kept building. So when we got back, the
guys were really ready to go and I think, with this group, guys have a pretty good
idea how we have to operate and how we have to do things. And you know, culturally the level of work and the level of details,
is really improved, and we’re excited about that. And I think that, where we’re at compared to the first year and
compared to the second year, I thought we really improved and I think we will
again in the third year. – Did you bring you bathing suit today? – (mumbles) – Didn’t bring your bathing suit today? Just keeping your toes in? – Chemistry of lines, that’s a fun thing to try and put together and you have to try a
few different things. And we have some pairs
that we like together, Khodorenko and Lewandowski
will be together. We’re kinda looking for a guy to play on the right side of that
line or the left side. Cause Lewandowski can play on either side. So on the back side
it’s been pretty clear, the (mumbles) have been
kinda working together and Dennis Cesana and Jerad Rosburg, they were together all last year, had real good chemistry, so. You know you work through that stuff and you try different things and you try and keep it exciting and you try and keep it
new for the guys everyday, in good tempo. We get four hours on the ice every week and I think so far,
they’ve done a great job. I think the coaches have done a good job mixing things around. And now the guys are
starting to get excited, they can see the game
coming up here pretty soon, they know we’re heading out on the road, in just over a week. And now it starts to feel real and there’s a little more
excitement around the room, before practices. You know, what I’ve talked about since I first got back here, in terms of, starts with recruiting and identifying the kind
of players and athletes and students and character type people that we wanna have here. Doing those two things, has been good. And the buzz and the
excitement around the arenas and around Michigan State hockey
has been, been outstanding. And then the third thing was, was to get (mumbles) back to me and you know a really
exciting place to play. And we’ve had, we’ve had
really good increases, attendance wise and you know, we’re in the top 10 in
the country last year. I think we’ll increase
that again, this year. Then the expansion, and get that going and we’ve got a hole in the ground and that should be ready for next year. I think the players feel it,
I know the coaches feel it and I think people in the hockey community can see what’s happening here, and it’s a good thing
to be around right now. (hip hop music)

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