Hi there Habs fans. I’m Nancy McCarron,
proud parent of Michael McCarron. I’m here at Little Caesars Arena to cheer
the Habs on against the Detroit Red Wings. Mike always looked up to John, always.
Always thought he was, you know… So much better than he was.
Had a harder shot than he had. And say, “My brother is such a great hockey player.” And, it was really great to hear them be
so supportive of one another. I cannot believe how fortunate that… we are, to be able to still see him play hockey. How lucky are we? I mean, from his youth hockey years, I mean,
never more than an hour away, I think. Unless we were traveling to a tournament. And then he ends up in Ann Arbor, that’s about an hour and 15 minutes from home. And then he ends up in London, there’s an hour and a half. We were able to make so many of his games. Oshawa was a little bit further, but we still made it.
You know, it just… We’d leave at the right time, make sure we didn’t hit any Toronto traffic,
and off we went. And Montreal really isn’t that far.
We’ve driven several times Eight hours, it’s nothing when you’re a
hockey parent. It was in Quebec City and… for me, and, you know, our family members that were there, had never been. So, for me, the city is absolutely gorgeous.
It was really special and definitely something that I won’t ever forget, as well as Michael, I’m sure. I can see it like it happened yesterday,
brings tears to my eyes, truly. We were all really excited for him.
It didn’t matter where he got drafted, you know. Top to bottom, it didn’t matter to us. We were just really proud of the work that he’d put in, to get to that point. He was kind of thinking that maybe Montreal would take him, so he was like, “I don’t know…” and so he was kind of holding my hand a little bit,
you know, next to me, and… He kind of thought that this might be it,
this might be it! Because he was waiting and waiting,
and I was so excited. I kept trying to look around, you know,
because it was… there were people in my way, and I wanted to just, take every single bit of that in. I love being at the Bell Centre, as well. I think that’s a highlight because that’s the home rink. That’s the home crowd, those are the
people cheering for the team. And here for sure,
just because we can have so many people come. And Mike is so happy,
and humbled by how many people do show up. He’s got a lot of his high school buddies that’ll come. I think one of the games last year, I don’t know,
we must have had fifty people. Truly. Probably for me, the best moment in a Canadiens uniform was probably his first game in Dallas, and to see him come out of that tunnel, in that jersey, in a real NHL game — not preseason —
it was unbelievable. I mean just goosebumps from head to toe, for sure,
for me. Putting hockey aside, I’m very, very proud
of the person he is. He’s kind, he’s considerate. I think he’s humble. He’s very, very good to his family. He’s a good… I call him “good kid”.
He’s my… he’s my baby! He’s a good kid.

Hockey Moms with Nancy McCarron
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4 thoughts on “Hockey Moms with Nancy McCarron

  • May 24, 2018 at 9:36 pm

    McMarron is gonna be the next big star for the habs after all this time ! keep on bro !

  • May 24, 2018 at 10:30 pm

    I love this channel.😍😍😍😍😍

  • May 24, 2018 at 10:31 pm

    I was hoping McCarron and Jared Tinordi would be the ones to add some muscle to the Habs like John Ferguson or Larry Robinson. One can only hope Mac can make it next year.

  • May 30, 2018 at 10:10 pm

    hopefully Mac is working on his skating. He's exactly what the Habs need down the middle.


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