In this video we’re going to talk
about hockey specific nutrition for your
pre-game meal. So how to really function and set up a pre-game meal, so that you are going to get the most out of the on-ice performance during the
game. Now here’s some keys that we’re going to go over. I want you to understand that key number
one is that your pre-game meal doesn’t make up for bad nutrition
throughout the day, it doesn’t make up for bad nutrition throughout the week. Your body is typically functioning on
what you’re putting in it earlier in the day or the day before
or two days before. Not just what you’re going to consume at
that specific point. Yes, your body is going to use some of that for
energy if you’re consuming the right things. But your overall energy, your overall sense of well-being and energy
levels are coming from the food that you’ve been consuming now for several days so just a pre-game meal
isn’t an excuse. I’m going to eat healthy for the pre-game meal for bad nutrition need to focus on nutrition every single day if you want to be an
elite athlete because that is what is going to give you no advantage. Second thing don’t tweak and play around with your pre-game meal before a big game. That is not the
right time to be playing around with it. One of the keys of the pre-game meal is what feels good for you. So if you feel really good if you’re
going out on the ice and you feel like you have energy if you’re feeling good maybe that’s something you should
continue to have in your pre-game meal. It doesn’t have to be the perfect
combination and it’s not going to be the same for everybody. So do what you feel is good but if you
want to adjust something don’t do it before a game. Do it before a practice see how you feel
at practice and that is where you can start taking things out or adding things in. So, for example you
might want to add some more protein like a
chicken breast because all you have been having is just pasta and you didn’t feel you don’t
feel like you have a lot to energy. So, you want to have a little bit more slow digesting protein or maybe you’ve
been having white sauce on your pasta and
you want to switch to red sauce. So try those different
things for practice and see how you feel during practice and when you start to feel
good having the same thing over and over again. Then go ahead and try that before the
game. Another tip for you, typically quick
digesting foods like pastas, layer foods are going to
give you more energy immediately and not take as much energy to digest so that therefore you’re not going to feel
sluggish. If you go with something like steak your
body is going to have to work to digest that. It is a slower digesting food, therefore your body is using some energy to digest your food. And that’s not going to be energy that
you’re going to be able to put forth during the game so try to go with
something more quickly digesting like pasta or
rice, something along those lines. And then
during the game maybe pack something like oranges
bananas that you can have just a little bit at a time so that if
you start to feel a bit hungry during the game you can just have a little bit
again. Don’t overeat during the game because you’re going to start to feel sluggish. But you also don’t want to feel hungry as
well. Good timing for your pre-game meal is
going to be about two to three hours ahead of time before the game. If you eat
anywhere a big meal anywhere closer than that
again you’re goning to start to feel a little bit sluggish, your food is going to be digesting and its not going to be used properly for the game. The last
thing and the last tip that I am going to give you
for your pre-game meal is that I personally am a fan, this is my
personal opinion, of something called Quinoa. It’s actually a seed that’s got a good level of carbohydrates,
a good level of protein and it’s gluten-free. So something like
that with some red sauce a good big glass of
water. Including maybe some different
vegetables in it or a little bit meat in it is going to be a great option for a
pre-game meal if you’re looking for ideas. And I also have more ideas for the 24/7
Hockey Academy members below as well. So those are some key tips for your pre-game meal. We will also have an assignment that you can participate on this to understand how you can test different
options and really nail down with the best pre-game meal.

Hockey Nutrition – How to Plan Your Pre-Game Meal
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  • July 13, 2014 at 9:56 am

    Quinoas been my favourite pre-game fuel for a while! 

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  • November 12, 2014 at 7:22 pm

    I usually use quinoa in rice or in salads

  • November 25, 2014 at 3:19 pm

    Excellent!  Thank you for putting this together and posting!  I'm working so hard to get mindsets to change on this topic.

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    This is a really great video, thanks!

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    Thanks for video sharing!!!!!


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