The next penalty we’re going to show you is
high sticking. The hand signal for this penalty is like this. And this happens when you bring
your stick above your waist and you hit another opponent above the shoulders. Usually the
face area or the back of the head. Something like that. That’s going to result in high
sticking. And I’m going to demonstrate it. First on another player, the player’s got
the puck and you bring your stick up to anywhere above the shoulders, you’re going to get called.
Also, this penalty can be called on a goalie. If I’m skating here and I bring my stick up
and it hits his face, his cage, the back of the head, you’re going to get called for high
sticking. Now if you high stick someone and they get a cut and they start bleeding, that
can result in a double minor compared to just a regular minor for a basic high sticking

Hockey Penalties : Hockey Penalties: High Sticking

2 thoughts on “Hockey Penalties : Hockey Penalties: High Sticking

  • July 23, 2009 at 8:39 am

    this is a good video. But it needs to show us what we can do… can we hit the puck in the air, can we put it up to call for a pass, can we put it up as a distraction? cmon guys

  • July 19, 2016 at 12:54 am

    To avoid a high-stick penalty, keep your blade down on the floor at all times. When you attempt to hit the puck, hit it out of your territory but hit it in a way that the blade will not lift up in the air. Think of the way, practice it alot and then when you are used to it and it's game time, you'll show the blade will stay on the floor


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