you’ve gotta be joking! I’m really starting to
question my judgment in character. we’re literally in Death Valley. there’s got to be snakes out here That we’re a bunch of idiots trying to track down a hockey puck. I gotta be within a hundred feet of it. This is insane. Look at all the police cars we’ve got here I’m so close, like, I can tell I’m so close but it’s just like… Hey guys, TORY here from Overlook Horizon, so like three days ago
I got an email from the Vegas Golden Knights that’s the NHL hockey team
that’s based in Las Vegas Nevada. They want to fly a weather balloon flight on
Monday like two days from now. I thought well that’s kind of a tight timeline.
They said well we want to break a record and we need your help to do it.
So I thought, well, I’ve never been to Vegas, sounds kind of cool… all right let’s do it!
we’re going to Vegas! We are not exactly off to an ideal start here. I had a knife in my pocket or not in my pocket but in the bag. Apparently, I didn’t check it while I was packing so could go through security
twice and to run it back out to the car now we’re heading to the gate and I think we’re on time. Hey guys we made it to Fabulous Las
Vegas Nevada we’re here for the Vegas Golden Knights running a special weather
balloon project I gotta head over to their business offices right now so we
can get started putting this project together cuz we’re gonna fly tomorrow
let’s get started. alright so we’ve made it to City National Arena this is the practice rink for the Vegas Golden Knights and also where their business
office is they play over at t-mobile Arena which is downtown this is kind of
on the outskirts of town and so this is where I’m meeting Tyler who is the media
coordinator for their weather balloon project. alright so the plan for today at
the business office here is we’ve got to build the payload. This is a much shorter
timeline than we typically do for our flights so I believe, hopefully, Tyler
should have all the materials I gotta go upstairs help him build it put it
together we’ve got to do that quickly here today and then we’ll be ready to fly at
about three o’clock tomorrow. how are you? Eh, not too bad. these are our main
offices. Entertainment, experience & production team which is our kind of department, this is our wing, we have this whole wing. We’re at Vegas Golden Knights headquarters I’m here with Tyler. What am I doing here?
What do we got going on? You’re here because you have way more knowledge about weather balloons than anyone at the Vegas Golden Knights do. The Golden Knights
are trying to break the record for the highest puck drop. Wait a minute, a puck drop from a weather balloon?! it makes sense it’s really on brand we always try and do things big here our
pregame show is insane we always try and one-up ourselves to
kick off year three we want to try and break the record for the highest puck
drop. The current record is 15 meters high. 15 meters? yeah. We can beat that! So we’re gonna try and beat that. I have one question though. We’ve got the map up here… is this Death Valley?! As of right now it’s landing in this mountain
like right at the very top of this mountain. Did you bring your hiking shoes? I did actually bring hiking shoes. Oh good, good, because… I’m kind of scared.
Death Valley scares me. No, it’s, it’s, you, we pass Death Valley, it’s totally fine, totally fine. Who gets the puck after this? Once the puck drops we are gaining the assist from some State Patrol officers they’re gonna help us retrieve the pod they will
then deliver it to t-mobile Arena they will then drop it on the ice hence
completing the highest puck drop. How many people did you have to convince that it
was a good idea to launch a weather balloon for a hockey team. Honestly, it was way
easier than I expected. Really? Way easier. I’m excited. We’re
gonna… We’re gonna get this done. His wife is calling… It’s my wife. I gotta go my
wife’s calling. He’s got to answer this we’re gonna move on. Alright so we just
finished the build for, or at least part of the build, here at the Vegas Golden Knights
business office we still got a lot to do we’ve got holes cut out for the camera
we have still got to mount the cameras in there and we’ve got to mount the puck.
The puck is gonna get mounted on the bottom but we’ve got some ideas on how we’re
gonna mount that now hopefully we you put all that together in the morning and
we can be ready to fly at three o’clock Whew! This is gonna be tough So as part of my trip out here the Vegas Golden Knights were kind enough to invite me to
come to their preseason game tonight against the Colorado Avalanche I just
got to figure out how to get over there It’s right there, that’s the building, I don’t
know how to get there… and they gave me this cool Jersey too, right?
look at that, pretty awesome and actually on the back it says Overlook 21 in honor
of Overlook Horizon flight number 21 that’s the flight that we’re here for and that we’re doing with them. Whew! Well that was fun. I got to go
downstairs in the arena, a little behind-the-scenes action. Unfortunately I
couldn’t film there, I wish I could have filmed there and then I could have
showed it to you. so now we’ve got ourselves a walk back to the hotel here
we’re gonna go down the Vegas Strip and see a little bit of the nightlife Alright so, let me take a minute and I’m
gonna explain exactly what we’re trying to do here with the Vegas Golden Knights.
so the way this is gonna work they’re not actually going to drop the puck from
the payload. It’s gonna be a special ceremonial puck they’re gonna bring the
puck up on the payload, they’re gonna bring it up to about a hundred thousand
feet, just like we did with the space lobster, so they’re gonna bring it up in
front of the camera they’re gonna film it the whole way they’re gonna track all
the telemetry information and then as it comes down it’s going to come down with
the rest of the payload under parachute We’re going to recover it just like we normally would with a regular weather balloon flight and then they will take that puck to
their opening night so at their opening night on October 2nd they will drop that
puck and it will become the highest puck drop okay day two here Las Vegas I gotta go
head over to the Vegas Golden Knights business office we got a lot to do today
we got to get the payload ready to fly in like six hours let’s do this. alright I’ve got the coffee situated good to go. I’m heading into the Vegas Golden Knights office here now. We’ve got to get this
payload built because we got an hour of driving to get to the launch site and
then we still probably have three hours of set-up time once we get there so kind
of in crunch time so we got like two hours here to finish building this
payload and hopefully be good to go we’re gonna try to do it all right let’s
go inside all right we’re here we’re at area 51
getting ready to launch this weather balloon we’re gonna try to see if we can
see some aliens. No, I’m just kidding we’re not at area 51 but I think it’s close by. I don’t know everything looks the same out here but we’re in the desert
we’re gonna launch a weather balloon I mean look at these mountains that are
behind us are these not gorgeous or what this exciting. We’ve got police presence,
they’re actually gonna go on the recovery with us as well. We’ve got everything laid out just like we normally would on any of our other flights. I’m excited
this should be an awesome launch and then the question is gonna be for
recovery… not a lot of roads out here in the desert so if it comes down and it’s
near a road great but if it doesn’t we’re gonna be hiking. and who thought it was
a good idea for long sleeve flight suits I don’t know why I’m wearing this. and what do we what are we doing out here today? we are gonna launch a weather
balloon to the edge of space with a hockey puck on it. We launched a little
mini NHL referee as one of our very first flights that we ever did so this
just fits it perfectly. I actually learned about today, yesterday
afternoon I think, my partner and I had just got finished working the area 51
event they had going all weekend so our cars were filthy so yeah once we heard
how can you say no. we’re all huge Golden Knights fans. I’m expecting as you
can see around us we have a lot of open space here so I’m expecting a lot of
hours in the hot Sun traipsing through the desert looking for a hockey puck. so yeah I mean we’re pretty much a setup as we can be
I think letting it just go is kind of like letting your baby like go off to
college and you can’t control it anymore hopefully we can find it. I had a bunch
of like nightmares last night of like it landing and all going good and then we’re
going to go get it and then the puck is like not on there like the puck falls
off. I’m excited. I think we’ve got it. We’ve got it for sure it’s just scary Alright so we’re on the chase here now
things are looking good except I have no service. there’s nothing around us
what’s the closest thing to us here? The closest thing to us is probably the balloon honestly. There is nothing out here landing is looking somewhere between the
top of a mountain and next to a road. We’re not sure yet so we’ll be at the landing site
soon as long as we can figure out where that is. So fingers crossed we can pick this thing up. okay so apparently we’re
heading out to Death Valley there’s no cell service so I can’t see
the tracking information to figure out where the balloon is when it’s gonna
come down so we had to go we had to come here to how do you say the name of this
town? She- sho- sh… Shoshone? We’re in shush-shush. We came to this town we had to
find a a bar the crow bar there. Great bar name. They were nice enough to let
us use their Wi-Fi so that we can connect to the internet and actually see
what the predictions are then we gotta go try to figure out if it’s on a
mountain or in a valley because that’s gonna make a big difference in how the
day goes I mean look at the size of these mountains like that is that is a
huge mountain there that would that would take a long time to climb that’s
not gonna be good hopefully we don’t land in the mountain there there were
some valleys there that would be much much better that’s where we are now. alright we’re on the way down 36,000 feet we broke, uh, balloon burst was at, what I say, ninety-three thousand seven hundred. That was the last update. That was the last we got so we
might have been a little bit higher than that but we’ll figure that out after
landing right now it looks like we’re going to the side of a mountain and
Tyler’s ready to climb up the mountain. so yeah we’re gonna track this down and
see if we can see if we can see it again hopefully the puck is still there right
it’s still there Don’t do that to my heart. My poor, poor heart. We’re gonna document this for just in
case somebody finds us out here then at least they can look at the SD card
footage and they’ll know what happened and that we’re a bunch of idiots
trying to track down a hockey puck so update we’re… we landed up there in the
side of the mountain we’ve got a long hike here to try to get up there we’re literally
in Death Valley and I’m just trying to keep an eye out for snakes and scorpions
I’ve never walked through the desert before I don’t like the idea of that it does
not sound like a fun time I’m ready to go back to New York
we don’t have rattlesnakes or scorpions in New York. no cell service but I got
luckily we got the ham radios and we got our police force way back there
somewhere as long as they don’t leave they’ve got one of my radios so at least
we can call for help I would just like to say I think you
guys are all very trusting, that this guy from Rochester New York said there’s a box on
the side of the mountain and everybody just went alright, let’s go get it. This is accurate actually. When you say it like that, all of a sudden, I might have lost a little faith. You don’t have confidence in me anymore? I’m really starting to question my judgment in character. I wouldn’t lie to them. this is no fun to me
not my idea a joke. What?! Oh, those are ants. it’s just ants. I don’t know what I feel
worse about hiking into the woods to recover Overlook Horizon 13 in the
middle the State Forest by myself or hiking into the desert at least I guess
at least this time I have we got three people with me in this party but there’s
another three people or so up the side of the mountain they didn’t wait for us
so I got the radios I don’t know where they’re going but they didn’t wait for
us gentlemen ladies mission successful
I was starting to get really scared there Who found it? This man right here. The four of us. did you just walk up upon it? Yeah, I was going through the washes and as I came through around the one side, I kind of
saw the yellow so I just went closer and saw the parachute. The puck still here that’s a good sign. Shut up, shut the front door! you gotta be joking oh my god oh my god dude look at this look at that are
you serious are you joking that’s the Golden Knights right there!
are you joking?! oh my god oh my god that is gonna be like all over the arena
during game night can you imagine oh look at that oh my god how could you ask for more you’ve gotta be joking that we sent this thing to space. oh my god. I feel like Elon Musk. Is this what Elon Musk feels like? I’m getting a drink tonight! That was worth every single second. gentleman, lady, should we start the trek back? yeah alright we got it I think Tyler’s
happy. found it out here in Death Valley that’s definitely a first for me. How long of a hike was this? like 5 miles? I’m glad we got it back for you it’s pretty awesome footage it looks
pretty sweet, I think everybody’s pretty happy all right well that’s gonna wrap up my
portion of this mission, I’m heading back to New York but this puck will continue
on to their opening night on October 2nd when the Vegas Golden Knights play the
San Jose Sharks alright we’ll see you on the next video

HOCKEY PUCK IN SPACE with NHL’s Vegas Golden Knights
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