Hi, I’m Evan Gerty.
This year for my science project I am testing if the temperature of a puck
affects how much a puck bounces. And these are all going to be pucks that we
are going to be testing. And bouncing.
Seven refrigerators, and using for different temperatures.
This ramp right here If you pull up this
like that and you place a puck down it rolls off.
And we can see how much it bounces. I think that the warmer a puck is
the more it bounces and the colder the puck it
the less it bounces. So we have this measurement tool
it’s a giant ruler. And then the puck goes down that ramp,
bounces around right here and then we should get our results.
I would like to thank, for inspiring me Pro Ambitions Academy for making me want to
play hockey and Coach Jeremy’s channel,
and Mark Rober, because… all this setup and the engineering.
We are ready to observe! We are going to test the room temperature
pucks. It’s going to look like this – it was a test
run. It’s Day 2 and we are eliminating the errors
in our data. It may be the qualities of the puck.
So that leads us to make another table, with all the pucks
at room temperature, drop them all, and then see how high each one bounces to
see if it’s really the temperature, or the properties of the different brands. (don’t fry my camera!)

Hockey Pucks: Temperature vs. Bounce (Science Fair Project)
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