3 joining me now is jim young, of mix 93 and whimple radio. jim, you spent a lot of years with bob as a friend and broadcast partner. i want you to think back on your relationship. what are you going to remember most.you know jake, when you ask me to think back on all the memories, I could be here for a few hours. i remember the phone calls we had. we would talk every day, twice a day. and doing all the games and all the road trips. I suppose the one thing i’ll always remember is the unlimited knowledge and time that he had for everyone. keep in mind we’re talking about a guy with a huge family. all kinds of kids and grandkids. how if anyone ever needed anything. he would be there for ya. as far as for me personally, the information he would share. and dedication to doing sports with us for many years, i’ll never forget.i remember me and him would talk. you would get calls at 9, 10 at night. people would get in arguments over trivia questions. they would call him up here’s the answer to your question. i think when people think of bob, they’ll talk about he just helped everyone and the legacy, the colessuem itself, the scorebox they are naming after him. he had archives for every team that played in the colosseum. the wolverines, back to the radars, a team years ago in the copper country, the chiefs, which was a professional team. but the politeness and the courtesy that he showed and that’s the legacy i’m sure will be continued. many years after i’m gone. jim, thank you for your time, bob will be remembered, he was a special person in that community so thank you for sharing your story. have fun tomorrow at the game. 3 3

Hockey UP Here: Jim Young on Robert Erkkila
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