>>I think that students who aren’t involved in athletics should get involved because– first of all, if you’ve never been involved, you don’t know what you’re missing, there’s no harm in trying it, it doesn’t cost you anything, and to me it was life-changing. [ Music ] I don’t know where I’d be if I wasn’t playing hockey. I honestly, in my first year, I wasn’t having a good go of it at school and I think the hockey program really helped me turn that around. Here I wasn’t in a program in a school that I felt like I didn’t belong, and it gave me a real sense of belonging, and it was really important to keep me going to school and keep me interested, and here we are now. I think the most important thing that has come from me playing hockey and that I’ve learnt is that there are other people that are in the same struggle as you are in school, and a lot of people are in your program and you just have to go meet them, and hockey gave me an outlet to do that. And I met a bunch of people who are ahead of me in my program and they helped me out, and some people in my later years who I’ve been helping out, so it’s kind of like a big family that helps each other out through school. For me it was hugely beneficial in terms of dealing with anxiety and depression and those kinds of feelings. They’re normal when you transition into university, a lot of people have a rough go of it, and physical activity helps work through those kinds of feelings. It’s really important when you’re in a university not to let your studies get the best of you and to stay physically active, because you’ll forget how beneficial it really is. And at UTSC our academic program is great, there are so many different sports and so many different skill levels you can compete at. And even the drop-in programs, you don’t have to commit to anything, you just drop in whenever you have some free time and get moving. And I can’t say enough about how much it’s affected me in my life. If you are looking to get involved, there’s a ball hockey league, that’s a good place to start. The great part about our program is that we have teams for everybody. We have a team for players who are just learning to skate, all the way up to teams for players who are coming out of junior and are looking to stay competitive. We have so many different sports that anyone’s interest can be met, and we have so many different skill levels to these sports that anyone can play and anyone can be an athlete. [ Music ]

Hockey @ UTSC – Anyone can be an athlete
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