oh my god it works! guys it actually
works! all right we’re going to attempt to
build a real-life lightsaber we’ve received numerous requests and
we’re finally taking this project on now the funny thing is with lightsabers
everyone’s all so focused on making a lightsaber aspect but no one really pays
attention to the power supply because the truth of the matter is how are you going to get that much power into something that’ll actually allow you to cut through things
it’s just like Tony Stark’s arc reactor even if we could build a fully
functional Iron Man suit or in this case a lightsaber we’d have no way of
powering it in a compact small way but that’s never stopped us before! all right so how are we going to do it?
now getting the power isn’t actually an issue we’ve got tons of these zippy
batteries from hobbyking but how are we going to fit it into the lightsaber hilt?
now luckily in some Star Wars comics there’s actually a concept called a
protosaber, quite literally a prototype lightsaber and guess what it features a
battery backpack so that’s exactly what we’re going to do! Now the tricky part is
with that many batteries how are you going to turn the power on we can’t just
use a regular light switch… As you can see you can’t just use a regular light
switch and that’s where Digikey comes into play, you see they’re actually
sponsoring this project and providing us with some rather specialized components
for us to build our very own lightsaber power supply. Alright so how does it work We’re using a whole bunch of MOSFETs in
parallel to turn the power supply on and off for more information about how the
circuit works click the link in the description below all right so we’ve got the power control
unit all done and for the first test we actually live streamed it to our vlog
channel so if you guys haven’t subscribed to that channel yet, you
probably should otherwise you’re going to miss out on future epic live streams
where we test our gadgets for the very first time, so you really want to make sure
you subscribe to that channel anyways this is what happened. Alright guys this may be the last video the Hacksmith channel ever releases
because we are about to test our lightsaber power supply which consists of
20 lithium polymer batteries producing over 200 kilowatts of power that is more
electricity than three North American homes can produce and if something goes
wrong the whole thing goes boom. On the Hacksmith channel where safety is number one priority all right three… oh god… back up… two… one — I didn’t
like that beep oh holy crap look at that that is red-hot steel ohhh… like it oh my god it works GUYS, GUYS, IT ACTUALLY WORKS!
I was, I was somewhat skeptical but it is working! Okay, now we only have two rods which means they will heat up a lot faster…. it’s gotten so hot little bits of
metal are flying off the steel look at that
there’s a little molten blobs of metal that solid steel that’s ridiculous!
Can we like hit it with something? Oh, there it goes… Alright so that went pretty good but we made a couple changes and tried it again and then something
bad happened SMOOOOKINNNN all right so what the heck happened
there? Uhh one of the components actually caught fire probably because we’re
overloading the circuit a little bit and we used a chemical fire extinguisher to
put it out because we didn’t want the fire to spread to the batteries
unfortunately a chemical fire extinguishers make really nasty kind of
yellow smoke and some passerby or maybe a neighbor saw smoke coming out of our
garage so they called 9-1-1 and a Police Cruiser showed up and I think three fire
trucks luckily after they saw that we didn’t actually have a real fire it was
just a fire extinguisher they left but we learned a big lesson and that is we
need more safety factors in our designs we’re actually completely redesigning
power supply and beefing it up like crazy so this doesn’t happen again that
power supply is going to give us enough electricity or the lights hit but how do
you think we’re actually going to make the saber part of it let us know in the
comments below and suggest some things for us to cut through thanks for
watching make sure your subscribed!


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