Whether it’s in the air, on the road or at
sea, Honeywell is known as the world leader in high-performance IMUs. From commercial applications like autonomous
cars or UAVs to remotely-operated underwater vehicles or robotics, Honeywell’s HGuide IMUs
and navigators are everywhere. Why are we telling you all this while you’re
watching a hockey game? Because that’s not a puck… that’s a fully-functioning Honeywell HG4930 IMU. To show just how rugged our IMUs are, we’ve
thrown it on the ice and let these hockey players have at it. The Honeywell IMU will be struck several times
at speeds up to 85 miles per hour. These inertial measurement units are known
for their consistently excellent performance and unmatched reliability — but will they
still work after taking a beating in the rink? Our competitors’ IMUs sometimes don’t even
make it through the mail in one piece. But Honeywell engineers have a history of
emphasizing superior performance while keeping data fidelity and durability in mind. Each Honeywell IMU is designed
and tested in real-life scenarios. They’re powered by our revolutionary silicon
moving mechanisms, creating the most precise rotation and acceleration data available to
any industrial machine control system, even when GPS signals aren’t available. We build them tough because they must work
when you need them. Once it’s been jettisoned into the net, slapped
with a stick and whacked into the wall, this Honeywell IMU is ready to be
tested to see if it’s still working. After multiple strikes on the ice, this Honeywell
IMU is working perfectly, ready to be used autonomously in the air for inspecting power
lines, oil and gas rigs and 3-D mapping, on the roads providing situational data in autonomous
vehicles, in the sea in autonomous underwater vehicles, for robotics, and in stabilized
platforms for autonomous camera systems — or back on the ice, proving once again that the
Honeywell inertial measurement units are the toughest and most reliable in the industry.

Honeywell HG4930 Inertial Measurement Unit Survives Hockey Hits
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