In an hour’s time, the funeral for Norm Berryman
will be held in Perth, Australia. With many of his closest friends not being able to make
the journey across, the rugby club in Whangarei where the Northland Taniwha legend
plied his trade, took matters in to their own hands. Raniera Harrison is there now. Let’s cross over to him. I am here at the Hora Hora
Rugby Club in Whangarei. This afternoon at 5pm, the club will be live streaming Norm Berryman’s funeral from Perth,
Australia, back here where
the Taniwha legend made his name. I spoke to some
of his closest mates today to see how they’re feeling
before the big event tonight. Remembering the greatest Taniwha
of the north, the hallowed one from Horahora. Seeing faces brings back memories, and not much has to be said
for laughter to be enjoyed by these stalwarts of Hora Hora
Rugby Club in Whangarei today who will be live streaming
Norm Berryman’s funeral, who is remembered
as the cheeky Maori boy, full of talent. These are the glory days
of this club, and it was because of one man –
Norm Berryman. And even though he was taken
far too early, his spirit still remains
strong here. Humble, and a man who loved to laugh – these are the memories
we have for him. A taniwha we may never see again. They’re talking about all these
guys like Sonny Bill. This guy, he was streaks
ahead of them. And these three are certain
that his rugby legend will never be silenced. It is expected that in excess of 200 people will congregate here
this afternoon to pay their respects to a man
who had a life full of smiles, the life of Norm Berryman. Tomorrow Te Karere will bring you an in-depth view
of the ceremony here tonight, Scotty. That was Raniera Harrison outside the Hora Hora
Rugby Club Rooms in Whangarei.

Horahora Rugby Club farewells Stormin’ Norman

2 thoughts on “Horahora Rugby Club farewells Stormin’ Norman

  • September 3, 2016 at 8:54 am

    RIP bro. Was an honour to play alongside you in 1996 at HH.

  • January 11, 2018 at 2:26 am



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