What’s the thought process behind choosing a stick and especially the curve? I’ve been using P92 almost all of my life but for this season I wanted to tweak it a little bit and try something new to see if I liked that better. Right now I’m using Elias Fälth’s old curve. It’s a little more curve, a little more hook. I’ve just changed so the sticks are on their way now. I’ve heightened the blade a little bit, and then I lowered the lie a little bit. It’s for getting more blade on the ice, to prevent the puck from sliding under it too easily. Do you notice a big difference when you make an adjustment like that? I’ve felt that pucks have been slipping through at the tip of the blade because I haven’t had enough blade on the ice So I’m hoping that the new curve will work better. Do you enjoy working with your gear or is it just something you kind of have to do? I’m actually quite into it. I want it to look pretty good. I’m trying to not thing about it too much but of course I care a little. And you want it to be as good as possible, so you can perform at your peak. So I actually care a lot. What’s your thought process behind the shaft? The shaft is pretty standard. I believe the new one, 2 S Pro, have a little more flex in the entire stick. I like to use the flex when I’m shooting wristers, and I’m not shooting as many slappers anymore. So I actually like this one quite a lot. You like to snap away little floaters? Haha, yeah. Just muffins from the blue line. What about the gloves then? What kind of options do you have here, and how are you thinking about them? You have quite a few options, but I’ve been using Bauer almost all of my life and I’ve liked it so I haven’t wanted to try anything else. I’m using these, One X Pro. I really don’t know the difference between One X and One X Pro. I’m using a different inner glove, a thinner one to really feel the stick in my hand. And then I’ve increased the length of the hand… My fingers are short, so I’ve shortened them a bit. And then, on this thing at the top, I’ve removed the protection. Otherwise I feel it becomes too stiff, so I can’t pull of my dangles. No, just kidding. Right now I’m actually using Patrick Sharps gloves, mine are on the way. Nice that you could borrow a pair from him? Haha, yeah. He’s actually using 13 inch gloves, I didn’t think that. They fit pretty well. Right now I’m using Bauer 1X. I’m using last year pairs. I’ve ordered those 3D skates, where you screen your feet and then they shape it after them, so I won’t need to bake them in. They should get to London when I go over there, so I’m using the old ones for now. I’m no good at braking in new skates. I enjoy them well used, a little worn down. How long will it take ju to settle into a new pair of skates? For me it takes a pretty long time, about a week. Some people get used to new skates pretty fast, but I have a tough time with that. They feel so stiff to me in the beginning, I like them soft like they get after a while. But these ones are working well.

How Adam Boqvist choses sticks, gloves and skates.
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