My mindset changed when I started coding. You’re gonna need to think, analyze.
What do you need to fix to this problem? You start small, because
you can’t learn how to code overnight. Coding the possibilities are endless, and I think that is one of the most
rewarding and gratifying things ever. You create something it’s like making plays you’re
making some piece of code. You gotta execute what you gotta do. And you have to be patient. You have to take a lot of steps
in order to reach your goal. Press play and then everything happened. It’s so rewarding,
because it’s you building it block by block. You’re the one who’s victory it is. As I kept practicing, it just felt great! You don’t have to be perfect at it.
Just try your best and you can do it.

How is Coding like Sports? – Code Championship | Code is Sport
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