hey guys Jeremy here from how to hockey in this video I’m going to show you how to build a mini backyard rink now I’ve shown you how to build a full-sized backyard rink but the bigger the rink the more work it is to set up more work it is to maintain and the more money it cost so I’m going to show you how to build a mini ring it’s really cheap really easy to build and really easy to maintain now usually when doing backyard rink stuff I’m wearing these big knee-high rubber boots with the insulation but Morel boots spawns for this video and sent me these fancy boots to wear so in this video I’m wearing these they’ve got this fancy earth the grip technology which is supposed to keep me from slipping around in the snow so we’ll see how that works for supplies all we need are four two by sixes you can also use two by fours but don’t be fooled at the hardware store because the 2×4 is not actually 2 inches by 4 inches it’s one and a half inches by three and a half inches and we need at least two inches of frozen ice to skate on so that’s why I recommend getting a two by sixes which are actually five and a half inches tall those sneaky hardware stores we also need a way to attach the two by sixes I’m going to use these little brackets which were under $5 at the hardware store there’s other options out there that are more expensive and you can also just use some nails but I think these ones will do just fine after we build the frame we need something to hold the water inside I’ll be using this tarp you can use anything that holds water but I suggest a white tarp because anything that has color will attract heat from the Sun that’s going to melt your ice so the white or the better if you get a liner or white type that’s the best this one I had lying around but I ordered off Amazon for my backstop inside my garage but I’ll link to where you can get something like this the total cost for all this material was under $50 and it’s a super simple way to get that ice at home so you can work on that stick handling that shooting and if you can toss your skates on especially for those little guys the first step in building your mini rink is finding a nice level spot and then shoveling it the first step is finding a nice little spot and snow blowing it the reason you want a level spot is because water flows downhill so if you’re on a pitch there’s going to be a lot of water here and no water up there and that’s going to be hard to skate on the nice thing is with a mini rink you don’t have to worry too much about that pitch if it’s a little bit off-kilter you can just prop that up with a 2×4 you’ll be fine step one is to set up the to my sixes we just need a square right here so this reason that too is to install the brackets I’m gonna use this boot box that I put my power drill and snow [Music] the three is to Casa tarp inside and we fill next step is to fill the rink with grape juice water you fill the ring water and now wait I think it’s frozen now day number two of the mini rink it’s almost frozen so the shallow end I can stand on fine it’s still not completely frozen over there but it’s frozen enough for a little mason you can see there’s little water coming in on the side right there so I think one more day we’re good to go feels nice and frozen we’ve had three days and nights below zero so this is now frozen to mini rink so it should freeze a little bit faster but you’ll notice that the idea is not very good nice thing is about a mini rink it’s easier clear and easy to flood so all we need is a few buckets of warm water that’s going to melt all these little rough patches off and give this a nice year like finish but we have to wait until the flurries stop if you flood your rink while it’s snowing that snow becomes slush and it gets this gritty ice on top I want to stop snowing we’re gonna flood this good to go [Music] looking pretty smooth there’s some rough patches so I’m gonna get the shovel and just knock all those off we’ve got a hole right there I’m going to fill that with slush just put some snow in there that’ll fill it right up so all you do is just put a bunch of snow in there you don’t want it to be dry you want to get that nice wet look to it and you don’t want any sort of form you want to be nice and flat so I’m just packing it in there to get as much sort of snow in there as possible and then scrape it off with the shovel and you should be good you wanted to be perfectly smooth though we’re not gonna put on too much I just want a thin layer so 1/2 bucket should do it the idea is that if I put on thin layers it’s going to build the ice a lot quicker and then after this I’m gonna put on hot water that’s going to melt all the surface stuff off and give me a really super smooth one the reason this one isn’t hot is because I’m just using it to sort of fill I didn’t get a perfect fill right off the start so this is kind of leveling it out just a little bit so for my finishing layers I’m gonna use hot water right now it’s about 20 below Celsius I’m gonna let this sit for about half an hour to an hour and then come out put a few layers of hot water then we can skate it’s gonna go an hour time it hit that rink with some hot water Rick is ready got a couple pucks got my stick let’s test it out [Music] overall I’m really happy with how this ring turned out it was a lot of fun it was quick and easy and as long as the weather agrees with you you should get pretty good ice so this isn’t perfect yet but I’m going to keep on going and shoot more videos out here give you more ideas on what you can do with this little piece of ice in your backyard you’re probably waiting for me to put my skates on hit that subscribe button because I will be lacing them up in another video I’m going to do a few more videos keep this going for the people who are building at home as long as the weather agrees with you you’re going to get some really nice ice and it’s really simple and quick and easy to build very affordable you might be wondering who wants such a small rink I would say that anyone who is looking to build a rink but isn’t quite sure do this first because it gives you a really good idea on how to build and maintain ice and how to get good ice and once you have that and you understand kind of the process then you can just grow it on a bigger scale if you don’t have a full-size back rink it is a lot of work it takes a lot of time so just doing this first will get you a little bit more comfortable and then you can expand if you have kids at home two or three years old build something like this and get skates on push them around a little bit it’s not too much work for you and they get a very good experience and then you can expand as they get older I’d also recommend something like this for kids it gives them a bit of responsibility something to do on a regular basis to maintain and get a reward directly from their work that they put into it so the more time they spend and the more they know about maintaining ice the better ice are going to get the more fun they’re going to have they can come out here and work on their stick and they’re shooting if you have the net a nice and close you can work on finishing those shootout moves so it’s a fancy Tatsuki and dekes you can work on roofing it shelfing it you know getting rebounds the nice thing is with this small area whenever you lose the puck it bumps off the board comes right back to you so you can do a lot of trial and error a lot of Correction and you get that ice like feel at home for cheap that’s over the video thanks off for watching hit that subscribe button because we do new hockey videos every single week and I will be doing some more videos on this outdoor rink I should probably mention the boots before I go on the ice I didn’t notice any superpowers I was still sliding like you would expect any boot to do but in town I wore them doing my errands and my chores and I didn’t notice on the snow and the slush they felt really nice I wasn’t sliding they had a good grip and they’re also very warm and comfortable so thanks a lot Morelle for sending me those boots sponsoring this video so once again hit the subscribe button we’ll see in the next video [Music]

How To Build a Mini Backyard Rink
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