Traditional caulking is messy and
leaves uneven results. But, there’s an easier way. This handy tape caulk will make
caulking cleaner and easier. Magic Peel & Stick Caulk can cover
all your bathroom caulk needs. They’re available for tub and wall as well
as tub and floor, with both narrow and wide sizes to choose from. No matter the size or shape you choose, you
can follow these instructions for installation. Before beginning the project, flatten out
the caulk strips by laying them flat and placing a flat heavy object on them. This will help them adhere properly. Next, gather all the materials you’ll need
as listed on the product packaging. After clearing existing caulk, thoroughly
clean the area with a scouring powder to remove all residue and rinse thoroughly. Wipe the previously caulked area with rubbing
alcohol then dry the area thoroughly. Now, the surface is fully prepped. Next, measure corner to corner, or edge-to-edge,
for each side of the tub where you’ll be applying the new caulk. One piece should never continue around a corner. Cut the caulk at your measurements. For corners cut a flat, mitered corner. If necessary, cut floor pieces around trim. Next, pre-bend each strip by folding it at
the score line to form a 90 degree angle. Now it’s time to apply the caulk. Start with the longest strip and in a corner. Peel a small section of the backing from the
top half of the strip. Press the top half firmly to the wall. Be careful as you go to
avoid having to reposition later. Working in small sections at a time, continue to slowly pull off the backing and adhere the strip. Repeat this process for the
bottom half of the strip. Continue this process on the other caulk sections. Once the caulk is completely applied, wait at least 12 hours before using the tub or shower. After that, enjoy your freshly caulked tub!

How to Install Magic Peel & Stick Caulk
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