In this video tutorial, I’ll be showing you how to safely use a charcoal moxa stick You’ll need a lighter, candle, moxa stick and moxa holder First, light your candle Brush off any leftover ash from the moxa stick using the rim of the moxa holder Hold the moxa stick so that one end is just above the flame Lighting the moxa itself can take up to a minute Keep holding the moxa stick in the flame To encourage the moxa to light faster, you can blow on the tip of the stick By now you’ll be able to see the tip of the moxa turn from black to white Gently brush off the accumulated ash Do not use a cracked moxa stick, as it can cause burns Continue heating up the moxa stick until a majority of the head turns white The head of the moxa stick should appear glowing red Keep brushing off accumulated ash every 30 seconds (during heating process and moxibustion therapy) Check the temperature of the moxa by holding it 2-3 centimetres away from your skin You should feel a pleasant heat from the moxa stick Be careful not to burn yourself! And NEVER directly touch the end of the lighted moxa stick Remember to extinguish the candle once you have properly heated up the moxa stick To extinguish the moxa stick, just place it in the moxa holder

How to light a charcoal moxa stick
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