the only thing you’ll need for this
project is some popsicle sticks so I’m staying a glue gun and some glue and
some scissors so the first thing we want to do is cut off all the surround part
of the ends on the popsicle sticks doesn’t really matter if they’re jagged
or uneven is make them about the same size because you don’t want them
sticking out on the ends if you get little shards of wood that sticks up do
you just kind of brush that on or you can take the end and just sort of go
like this with it the next step is to start staining the
popsicle sticks the idea is you don’t want to necessarily paint them like see
how dark that got we don’t want to make them painted we just want to stain them
so they’re not that nice beautiful bright color so you’re just going to go
through and just do all these I’ve started putting them together and I have
two on the bottom and two placed on the top I’m going to place a third beam in
the middle for extra support well now I want to just simply take the popsicle
sticks and lie them across so I’m going to place some crazy glue right here and
right here and then I’m going to place it and you just need to make sure you
space them about the same it doesn’t need to be perfect because honestly
pallets are not perfect so just put a little pressure and then it will sit
there and dry here I have two of them finished this one was done with a hot
glue gun as you can see it’s a little bit more messy although that could have
been my fault as well but you can see the glue underneath a little bit so if
you do if you go a little bit slower I guess I was gonna probably going a
little fast maybe make these not as big it’ll be a little bit more clean I did
choose to do a super glue with this one and as you can see it looks so much
better like you can’t see any of the glue on the inside it looks exactly the
same buzzer but it’s a lot cleaner this is
our pallet coaster you

How To Make A Coaster Out Of Popsicle Sticks 📍 How To With Kristin
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    I miss your Gagea

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    This is great!!! It's perfect for the toy photography community.

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    Hey! If you could please tell me how you closed your stretched ears it would be amazing!?

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