Now, I’m going to show you how to make holes
along the length of the paper towel rolls. These holes are going to be used for putting
the matchsticks inside and the match sticks are what’s going to create the noise as the
rice goes form one end of the stick to the other. So, these holes should be very small.
Just wide enough to be able to stick a match stick inside and have it fit snuggly. You
see that we’re going along the length of the roll. We’re spacing the holes out evenly.
And we’re also putting the holes into where the line of the roll, where the actual cardboard
paper was rolled up and stuck together. It’s basically like the seam of the paper towel
roll. That’s where we’re putting our holes, along that seam line. And, that’s why I mentioned
before, when we attach the paper towel rolls, that the seam should line up from the first
roll to the second roll. So, we go ahead and just keep placing our holes in. And, just
keep mind that you’re going to need enough match sticks to fill all these holes. So,
we’ve made the holes just the right size so that the match sticks fit nice and snug inside
and we see this is what it looks like once we’ve gone the entire length of the rolls,
making holes along the seam. So, now I’ve shown you how to make the holes along the
paper towel rolls and get them ready to insert the matchsticks.

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