– Hi, I’m Alix, and this is my recipe for banana bread on a stick. So I know this recipe is a little weird but bear with me here. The elements are all pretty classic. Banana bread is one of my
all-time favorite foods, not even desserts, like foods. So it’s one of my favorite
things to recreate for Tasty videos. I’m not even quite sure how
this idea originally came to me. I just remember looking at
a banana, and being like, “Oh my god. It kind of
looks like a corn dog.” No, like what? And then I had the next idea that you could replace the cornbread crust with banana bread, and voila. You’ve got banana bread on a stick. Now originally, I was
like, what do I call this? Banana dog, banana corn dog? But I just settled on
banana bread on a stick because I don’t know, banana
corn dog kind of sounds weird. So for this recipe, I knew
it was super important to not only nail the flavor, but to make sure I nailed the
shape and look of a corn dog. I wanted it to look exactly the same but just a dessert version. So in order to get that
straight edge on the banana to look like a hot dog,
I cut off the ends, put a stick in the middle,
and then saved the ends to put into the banana
bread that I was gonna make for the batter coating. Also, it’s a great way
to not waste any food, although you could have
just eaten it instead. So there are a few tricky
variables to this recipe. I had to make sure the bananas
would stay on the sticks, especially while dipping and frying because bananas are a little more fragile than like a hot dog would be. So I decided to freeze
the bananas beforehand. Now make sure you work quickly because bananas will thaw
and then you’ll have a mess. So I know frying bananas
sounds a little weird, but you’re really just frying these to cook the banana bread
all the way through, and then also get that
nice golden-brown coating that every corn dog should have. Getting the temperature and
the timing right on frying was a little bit tricky,
because in some batches, I didn’t cook the banana bread
quite all the way through, and in other batches, I
cooked it far too much, and the banana ended
up mushy in the center. So you’re really going for
that perfect temperature and time to cook the
banana bread just through. So I know this recipe
seems a little tricky but I promise it’s simple. And trust me, it’s a crowd-pleaser. So no corn dog is complete
without ketchup and mustard, and no banana dog is complete
without chocolate and caramel. So I added both options
for dipping sauces. I mean, but you could really
dip it in anything you want. I don’t know. You could dip it in ketchup or mustard. Be kinda gross, but. I’m still so proud of this video. It was a crazy idea,
but it came out exactly how I pictured it in my weird, crazy mind. Rie even tried these and she was a fan. And they don’t call her the
dessert snob for nothing. Seeing something that you
created from start to finish being received well by our audience is one of the most gratifying feelings. I know it’s just banana bread on a stick but it brought happiness
to people’s lives. And I’m proud of it. I felt like I was able to
bring happiness on a stick. – Okay. – [Producer] Awesome.

How to Make Banana Bread on a Stick with Alix
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