welcome to my channel in this video i’m going to show how to make a coir stick to grow coir plants to make this coir stick we need some materials first need a stick i just use a pvc pipe 2 inch diameter and length is 32 inches next one is coir rope it’s a twin coir rope next i’ll show the method of tying this rope i just take the rope and pvc pipe from the top end point start wrapping it down the stick hold the stick steady while you wrap the rope continue wrapping to bottom end point we can use this stick for any climbing plants this coir rope stick use for potted plant creepers to grow in indoor It could be use in any clay or plastic pots the rope absorbs and retains the water water holding capacity ensures the plant grow stronger high moisture retention capacity of the stick enables the roots of the plant rope and coir strings’ hairiness improves growth of plants coir rope naturally resistant to insect infestations and naturally resistant to salt water damage coir rope is also eco-friendly

How To Make Coir Stick Within Five Minute | Coir Stick Making Easy Methode At Home // GREEN PLANTS

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