We’ve had some emails from some new hockey parents just wondering the most efficient way to pack a hockey bag. We’re here to give you a couple quick tips
it’s no problem at all. The first thing you you want to do is when your child is sitting down fresh off the ice, your gonna want to take their skates of first, and when you take those skates off, your gonna wanna make sure you have a towel or a rag there that you can wipe the snow off the blade. That’s gonna keep that blade from rusting and it’s gonna save your sharpening as well. We’re gonna take the helmet off by unbuckling all the straps and setting it on the bench next to you
we don’t want that in there just yet, and the elbow pads will come off, so the shoulder pads are now going to lay directly into the bottom the bag We can just place the helmet into the bag, next the gloves can go in, they can go right beside the helmet. Once we have those off now the neck guard can come off. The
first thing that comes off with the lower-body will be the hockey pants. Now the pants are an efficient thing because the have a lot of room inside them. So we’re going to pack the shin pads into the legs of those pants. That’s just going to get you a lot more room inside the bag, just to be as efficient as we can. One of the most important things to do is to make sure your honoring the team, take your jersey, fold it up properly so the crest is facing up and place that on-top of everything else. That’s the last thing to go in the bag and so that when we opened a bag next time we can see our crest, and we’re ready for our team. Visit your local Source For Sports for this, and many other hockey tips. We’re always
here to help. At Source for Sports We Know Our Stuff

How To: Pack Your Child’s Hockey Bag | Source For Sports
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