We designed Football Fortunes to be easy
to pick up and easy to play. We recommend to start straight into the game and pick
up any rules questions as you play. Let’s start with the set up. Set your game
board out on the table and allow each player to choose a player
token. Place your tokens on the Kickoff square. Each player receives £200 million
from the bank. Take your player cards and give each player a squad with a 2 star
Goalkeeper, four 2 star Defenders, three 2 star Midfielders and three 2 star Attackers plus 2 zero
star Youth Players and the zero star Coach Place the remaining player cards face down. Also
take the remaining Youth Players and place them face down in a separate
pile. Do the same with the Coaches and Scout cards. Choose Start a New Game in the
app and select the number of players. Input their names and select their team. The game kicks off with a transfer window. The first player turns the top
card from the player deck. Minimum bids are £20 million per star so a 3 star player
costs £60 million, a 4 star £80 million and so on. When the first auction ends the second
player turns the top card from the player deck and another auction begins. Continue to do this until all players have turned a card from the deck. Now
it’s time for your first turn. The app will roll the dice. Move your
player token that number of squares and carry out the action on whatever square
you land on. We’ll cover those actions shortly. Once each player has taken their
turn the app will display the fixtures for the upcoming games. You could be
playing against one of your friends or you could be playing against a computer
opponent. At this point you total up the stars of your defence and you total up the
stars of your attack. Your defence consists of your Goalkeeper and your
Defenders, your attack consists of your Midfielders and your Attackers. Once you
have your total defence and total attack input it into the app. These are the stats that decide the outcome of the match. One of the main
goals in Football Fortunes is to boost these totals by upgrading
players in your team and your Youth Players. If you have upgraded your Coach you can
decide to add his star number to either your defence or attack allowing you to
boost one of your totals before a game. A vidiprinter display will then show the
results of the games and you’ll be allocated an amount of money. For example
if the total is £50 million and you play against a friend each player would get
£25 million. Play continues in this manner until the season’s over and the Champion
gets bragging rights. The winner is the player who finishes the game with the
most amount of money and the most amount of Cups and Trophies. Let’s take a closer
look at the various squares on the game board. Kickoff is where the game begins. All of the player tokens begin here. If your player token lands on Kickoff
again during the game you have the opportunity to claim a player from the
Bosman pile for free. The two most common squares are Selection Problems and
Manager’s Luck. Selection Problem cards affect your squad and can vary from a player
joining the club for free to players retiring or getting injured. Manager’s
Luck cards affect the manager’s club and can vary from a cash injection to having to pay agent’s fees. The Manage Staff allows manager’s to hire a Scout if they
don’t already have one or pay to upgrade your Coach’s star rating or upgrade
Youth Players or all three if you choose. The free agent square triggers an
auction among all managers. The player who landed on the square turns the top card of
the player deck and an auction begins. Whoever turned the card can bid first. The International Break square allows the manager who lands here to have a day
off. The Sponsorship square means a cash injection from a new club sponsor. When you land on the Wages square you’ll have to pay wages equal to the
overall star rating of your squad including the Youth Players and transfer
listed players as well as anyone on the bench and your Coach. There’s a handy
wages table on the board to help you work out how much to pay. The Visit
Academy square allows managers to pay the upgrade Youth Players or to take
the next Youth Player from the unsigned Youth Players pile as a trainee. The
Scouting Trip square allows managers who have employed a Scout to start an
auction on any Youth Player currently in the game
or to turn the top card on the Youth Player pile and start an auction. Crisis!
Fans of the original game will know how devastating a Crisis card can be but in
the new game there’s even more! You’re ready to play Football Fortunes we hope you
enjoy the game!

How To Play Football Fortunes 2019
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