This is Tim McKeig with the UNCW Seahawks
here with my buddy, Luke and today we are going to talk about how buy an ice hockey
helmet. Now helmets can range anywhere in the price range from $100 to $150. These helmets
that you are looking at usually want to be based off of level of play. Some more beginning
level helmets you are not going to need as much padding or protection due to the fact
that usually check hockey doesn’t start until the pee wee age level. Some of the key components
when buying a helmet are you are going to want to make sure that it is very snug on
your chin as you can see with the chin strap here. You want it to be flush up against your
chin. You don’t want to have any loose hanging room that can add to injury. Also you are
going to want to make sure the level of the top of your helmet is somewhere in between
your eyebrows and the top of your hair line, right here in your forehead. That will insure
that you are not going to suffer from any severe head injuries such as concussions or
maybe some lower spinal pain or anything like that. Also another great thing about the helmet
you are going to want to look for are these ear pieces to protect your ears from flying
pucks or high sticks. They are very key in getting a good helmet. That would be how you
would go about buying an ice hockey helmet.

How to Play Ice Hockey : How to Buy an Ice Hockey Helmet
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