My name is Pat Ryerson and I play lock for
the Missoula All-Maggots. I’m just out here I’m going to explain a little bit about
set kicks, kicking for points, and also my scrum cap, which likes to cover my ears, so
my ears don’t get ripped off. That’s quite essential in rugby. No, it’s actually just
so I do not ruck burns and a minor padding for myself. So going through a set kick, I
like to kick up the ground. So usually, what I do is dig my heel in the ground. Place the
ball at pretty much a 90-degree angle from the ground. I usually take three steps back,
one back, two over. I look at the post because I’m trying to make it in between the two
goal posts. I come up to the ball. All I’m trying to do is focus, plant my foot and make
contact right about here. A little demonstration here, I will do a quick one.

How to Play Rugby: Advanced : Advanced Rugby Set Kick
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