My name is Alex; this is Andy. I’m from
Missoula All-Maggots in Missoula, Montana. Visit our web site In this
clip, we’re going to properly catch the ball off the kick. It’s important in this
one to turn your body, if the kick is coming from this direction, you’re going to turn
your body like this. You catch the ball coming down towards you. If you drop the ball or
fumble a little bit it’s not going to go forward it’s going to go backward. So you’re not
knocking the ball and loosing possession. It’s also important here to turn your body
like this so you give him your shoulder, your knee, your head, all the hard spots. Don’t
give your stomach or your face. These guys will come tackle you right away. Put the ball
in the air. Bringing it in like that, catching it down and dragging it to your hip and you
are ready to run.

How to Play Rugby: Advanced : How to Catch the Ball in a Rugby Game
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