Hi! My name is Miriam and today we are talking
about rugby. I thought we would start with what to wear when you show up to play a game
or for your very first practice. Most people wear soccer cleats. They look like this. You
want to make sure that there is no toe cleat, which you would have on a pair of football
cleats, baseball or softball cleats. Other than that you do want to make sure you have
a long pair of socks to protect your shins. You want a sturdy pair of shorts preferably
with a drawstring to hold them on if people are pulling on them and tackling hard. You
can wear a jersey, which is what I would like to wear to practice. It protects your arms
and make sure that your shirt doesn’t get ripped; they are nice and strong. Or you can
wear a T-shirt if you do not have any jerseys. Also, you want to bring a mouth guard to practice
to protect your teeth. I’m sure your parents would be happy with that. Either you can get
one made by your dentist or you can pick one up for a couple of dollars that you can mold
at home, at your local sporting good store.

How to Play Rugby : Rugby Equipment & Gear

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