Hello there, I’m Gabby from Go Natural English It is fall in the northern hemisphere including the United States and that means it is Officially American football season what better time to improve our English pronunciation by learning how to correctly say all 32 of the NFL team names and the cities they’re from This lesson will help you with your American English pronunciation And whether you’re a huge football fan Or you don’t really care for sports at all This will definitely help your English because a lot of the team names include common items Animals names and of course, it’s important to know how to pronounce major US cities So we’re also going to take a close look at the rule for plural s Pronunciation because many of these teams do include a plural s because they are teams Made up of several people therefore plural So, how about you? Do you follow American football? What’s your favorite team? Tell me in the comments or if you don’t care for American football and you’re just here to improve your English Tell me in the comments. What is your favorite sports? So a lot of your American friends or colleagues are talking about American football right now You might read about American football in the news But when you read those names, it’s really difficult to know how to pronounce them So you might feel shy to jump into a conversation to talk about a team that’s playing Today or to talk about your favorite team. So let’s solve that today let’s learn the 32 names and how to improve your American English pronunciation I remember when I was growing up in Minnesota That my father and uncle would go to see Minnesota Vikings games together and when I was living in, Boston, Massachusetts Everyone was crazy about the New England Patriots So are you living in a city in the United States? What is your cities team? I would love to know. Okay, so let’s jump into the pronunciation You’re going to understand finally how to make the plural s sound correctly as an S Or a Z sound The S turns into a Z sound after vowel sounds including Y after an R after an S, or after an L M or n Sound so now let me share the teams and you can see some examples the best way for you to practice with This video is to listen the first time I say the team name and then repeat after Me the second time I say the team name that way you’ll practice your English listening skills and your English pronunciation skills Okay. Are you ready? Let’s begin New England Patriots New England Patriots when you say these words be sure to clearly pronounce the beginning and the end of each word also Listen carefully for stress. I said New England and Patriots stress is the key to sounding more fluent and Native-like with your English. So I’m going to help you along the way with these team names Patriots Ends in a regular S sound let’s practice that last sound And One more time the full name New England Patriots New England is not a city in the United States It’s actually a region of six states including the states of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont Rhode Island, Connecticut and Massachusetts, it also includes some of the most difficult to pronounce States next Dallas Cowboys here we have the first instance of the s turning into a Z at the end of Cowboys Pittsburgh Steelers Pittsburgh Steelers You can see how the S turns into a Z after the are Green Bay Packers Green Bay Packers Green has more stress than Bay because it is a descriptive word Green Bay Packers Philadelphia Eagles Philadelphia Eagles The S at the end of Eagles Becomes a Z sound because Eagle ends in an L or old sound nor –lens Saints New Orleans Saints We have the s in New Orleans Turning to a Z sound and as on Saints as a regular s sound Chicago bears Chicago bears keep in mind with the city of chicago. It’s a soft Shh and not Cleveland Browns Browns can be a difficult word to say for English learners Be careful not to add an extra vowel sound between the B and the R. It’s not both rounds It’s browns one more time repeat after me Cleveland Browns Seattle Seahawks Seattle Seahawks Seattle is an interesting word for pronunciation because we have T’s but they come between Vowel sounds and therefore in American English. We turn them into a D sound Seattle Carolina Panthers Carolina Panthers Panthers can be a difficult word to pronounce because we have the N Right before the th and then the RS at the end of the word Just take it one syllable at a time if it’s a difficult word for you pan thirds Los Angeles Rams or LA Rams LA Rams another California team the Oakland Raiders Oakland Raiders Notice that because oak is the stressed syllable the first syllable in Oakland the second syllable Len is not land. We don’t say oak land we actually stress the first syllable so much that the second syllable becomes weak and we use a schwa sound which is that a sound that you hear in lend Oh Glen Oakland Raiders excellent At the end of Raiders we have this sound which is also very common in American English it’s important to practice the pronunciation of the vowel plus our or our Colored bottle you do this by placing your tongue in the middle of your mouth in your lips like this a Very good Minnesota Vikings Minnesota Vikings Minnesota Vikings the same thing happens to the T that happened in Seattle because the T in Minnesota is between two vowel sounds so we don’t say Minnesota we say, Minnesota, New York Giants New York Giants Kansas City Chiefs Kansas City Chiefs Be careful with the word Chiefs. It gives a lot of people difficulties. It is a harder CH sound Not Shh Chiefs and the vowel sound is e not EA or its Chiefs very good Washington Redskins Washington Redskins, San Francisco 49ers San Francisco 49ers Tennessee Titans Tennessee Titans Notice that schwa sound again. We have the stressed first syllable of Ty tens followed by an Vowel sound it’s not Tight hands. It’s tight tens Denver Broncos Denver Broncos here. We have the plural s at the end of the word turning into a Z because Bronco ends in a vowel sound Oh Broncos Miami Dolphins Miami Dolphins Again, we have the S turning to a Z after an N in dolphin buffalo bills Buffalo Bills Atlanta Falcons Atlanta Falcons Notice that I did not pronounce the second T in Atlanta when you have an N plus eighty we often Omit the pronunciation of that T. For example dentist international mountain yes, we can say the T but usually native speakers from the United States will only say The T if they’re trying especially hard to speak clearly to none see each word very carefully It’s not normal in everyday Native natural speech to hear the T after an N. So therefore we have Atlanta and not Atlanta New York Jets New York Jets Detroit Lions Detroit’s Lions Los Angeles chargers Los Angeles chargers for LA Chargers LA Chargers Chargers could be a difficult word as well. Just try taking it one syllable at a time Chartres Jers Chartres Jers very good Arizona Cardinals Arizona Cardinals Houston Texans Houston Texans, Cincinnati Bengals Cincinnati Bengals Notice again what happens when we have a stress syllable? Then an unstressed syllable. We do not say been gals. We say been ghouls We hear the schwa again Baltimore Ravens Baltimore Ravens Indianapolis Colts Indianapolis Colts Whenever you have a city, by the way that ends in polis the syllable that comes before The polis in this case a polis is stressed. So for example Indianapolis Minneapolis Annapolis I think you get the idea so it’s just a nice rule to keep in mind Jacksonville Jaguars Jacksonville Jaguars Jacksonville Jaguars Jaguars can be a difficult word to pronounce when you look at how it’s spelled. It’s not Jaguars its Jaguars as if the U was a W Jaguars and finally number 32 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tampa Bay Buccaneers Well, this certainly makes me want to go watch some football games So if you’re excited about American football or just excited about your American English pronunciation Leave a comment. Let me know what you thought of this lesson and Blues blues, please. 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How to Pronounce American Football Teams and Cities! | Go Natural English

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