– Hey hockey players. Coach Garner here from HockeyTraining.com. In this video, I wanna talk to you about how you can get over
being cut from your hockey team. Look, if you’ve watched
my previous videos, you’ve read my previous blogs, you’re gonna know that
I’m not the biggest fan of getting over something
or going around something. Instead, I like to
encourage people to embrace whatever pains and struggles
that you’re going through because I’ve got a real
philosophy in life. I think pain and struggles are essential to becoming the strongest
and best version of yourself. There is no better time in your entire life where you’re gonna learn
more about who you really are than during the hardest times
that you’ve ever gone through. So, if you’re watching
this video right now and you’re hoping that I
was gonna say something that would just immediately
allow you to get over or around the pain that being
cut from your team causes in your mind and in your heart, that’s not something that I’m going to do. And you know why? Because that’s not real life. That’s not real advice, and if anybody gives you a one-liner about getting over something like that, it’s just simply not true, and it’s not true
because time is a factor. Time has to be included in the equation. Just like injuries take time to heal, when we get cut from the
team and it hurts us inside, some people will try and act
tough during this period, but it hurts everybody. When you walk up to the piece of paper, the coaches announce who’s on the team, and you scroll through the whole list, and you don’t see your name on that list, that stuff hurts. And that’s something that
you can carry with you for a long time afterwards. But when you understand time, and you respect time, then you need to use
that time appropriately in order to build the foundation for your next strongest self. Time’s gonna be a part of the equation, so while time’s over
there doing its thing, you’ve gotta stay busy.
You’ve gotta stay focused. You’ve gotta stay productive.
You’ve gotta stay positive. You’ve gotta keep busy and keep
your mind in the right place because you do love hockey. This isn’t something
that’s going to stop you. You have to be productive, and the whole problem with getting cut from a team in so many cases is the idea that you trained
so hard to make the team. You focused on the team for so long. You had such a long off season. You had a great training
program. You were out there. You were at hockey camps and tryouts for days on end, morning and night, and all of your focus
is on this one thing, and then it’s gone. So, two things can kind
of happen right here. Number one is that because
you put all of your focus into this thing, and then it’s
gone in the snap of a finger, you think it’s a waste of time. Look, that is not a waste of time. You did a lot of work
during that time frame, and who you’re gonna be
on the other side of it is going to teach you a lot that you need to learn about yourself and teach you a lot
about what you might need to do next year in order to
take things to the next level. Did you do A, B, and C? Or did you do A and B and
then kind of half-ass C? Look, you’re gonna find
out a lot about yourself from the inside out,
but also the outside in and how you’re setting
up your training program and your diet designs. That’s number one. It is never a waste of
time if you commit yourself to something and then it’s gone because you’re committed
to yourself in the process. That’s what you should
ultimately be thinking. But number two is we have
to start using our time to become a better version of ourself. You need to start working on the things that nobody can take from you. A coach can make you not make the team. That might happen. But you know what they
can’t take from you? Your ability to train and become a better
hockey athlete in the gym. Your ability to focus on your skills, whether on the ice, or in the garage, or with your dry land work
off the ice, and anywhere. They can’t take that away from you. You can train. You can eat. You can work on your skills. You can stay positive. You can stay busy. All of these things, no body
can take that away from you. So it’s never a waste of time, and you need to use the
time that you have now while you still have energy,
while you’re still motivated, while you’re still fired
up because you got cut to do the things that are
gonna lay the foundation to be the next best person who is going to make the team next year. I know that a lot of
you might be thinking, “Man that sounds like a lotta time. That sounds like a lotta effort. Right now I’m really low. I’m really down on myself, and I will do anything right now in order to get out of this place.” Well that sounds like
rock bottom, my friend. And rock bottom should be used as a concrete foundation for you to build an entire new person from. Use those feelings towards
motivation and positivity and I promise time will
take it’s place to heal, but after it does, you’re gonna be a way more self-aware and way better performing
hockey place than you ever were because you got over
being cut from the team in the right way.

How To Rebound After Being Cut From a Hockey Team πŸ’
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3 thoughts on “How To Rebound After Being Cut From a Hockey Team πŸ’

  • September 10, 2018 at 8:48 pm

    At the start of the season, I was cut from a AA team and I was not happy about it and to be honest I still wasn’t over it but now I think I am thx Dan

  • September 12, 2018 at 5:40 am

    Thank you this really helps I was picked as first alternative and I was really pissed off about it and now instead of being mad at the coach for picking someone over me I’m going to use that energy to better myself as a person and as a hockey player

  • September 16, 2018 at 2:37 pm

    My trainer told me in the summer camp, that if I would train hard, like I did, I would play 3rd line the whole season. He told this to my line-mates too, but now we dont play. We are all angry at him and it connects us, but we dont really dont know what to do…


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