A walking stick is designed to aid your stability
when walking, but it’s not designed to be lent on. There are a variety of handles and feet designs
to suit the needs of different users. In this short tutorial, we’ll show you how
to use this piece of equipment. Firstly, the walking stick needs to be at
the correct height. Stand with your arm by your side, and then
bend your elbow to a 45 degree angle. Measure from the wrist to the floor. Take this measurement as the height of the
handgrip. Follow the supplier’s instructions for adjusting
and maintaining. Once the height is set, walk normally with
the stick at you side. Check your stick regularly, especially for
wear on the rubber foot – known as the ferrule – and replace this as necessary. If available, always check any instructions
provided by your supplier and always seek assistance if you have any difficulty.

How To Use a Walking Stick (HD)
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