I am Ludwig Wild from EV Landshut. I have played ice hockey for the last 2 years at EV Landshut in the second league as well is in the upper league. I’m a forward and I play professionally. Andi invited me here, we have known each other for a while now. He said: “Hey, I have something really cool here, a synthetic ice rink to practice in the summer.” So I thought “yea lets check it out and see if it’s something worthy.” So I came here and tried it and it really does resemble real ice. It is a great training option for the summer to gain momentum and not loose the speed. The shooting and passing is really identical. It’s really great training equipment for the summer. I can only recommend it and I will stop by here more often. So, normally in the summer I play inline hockey at (name). It’s fun to practice with fellow ice hockey professionals and just fool around a bit. But there is definitely a difference between roller skates on an inline court and skates on real ice. You can’t compare it. Inline hockey is a completely different kind of sport. The goal there is just to have fun and keep the enthusiasm for the game alive, whereas here you can really train for the winter.

Ice Hockey forward Ludwig Wild reviews Glice® synthetic ice
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