hockey is a great game fast-paced and played
hard men are permitted to body check
opponents into the boards the game requires athletic skills as players
skate and shoot at speeds of twenty to thirty plus miles per hour hockey has been around from the time of
early civilization known as the ball and stick game it was
played since ancient times in places like rome scotland egypt and south
america the first organized indoor game was
played at montreal’s victoria skating rink in eighteen seventy five the game featured the use of a puck instead of a ball
to prevent hitting spectators the goal posts were six
feet apart and the game lasted sixty minutes although a similar sport had been
popular in the united states during this time called ice polo by eighteen ninety three the first ice
hockey matches were played at yale and john hopkins ice polo died out as americans
adopted ice hockey as a chosen form of the sport so in eighteen ninety six the first
ice hockey league in the united states was formed this excerpt is brought to you by the massachusetts school
of law

Ice Hockey: From “Ball and Stick” To The Modern Game
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